every breath you take - the police

aesthetic, weheartit, and aestheticthemes image 80s, bedroom, and girly image

don't you (forget about me) - simple minds

1980s, movies, and 80s image ㅡ♡editing needs image

take my breath away - berlin

1984, boys, and favorite image movies, 80s, and pretty in pink image

joanna - kool and the gang

Image by Private User 60s, 70s, and 80s image

cool it now - new edition

pastel, aesthetic, and colorful image record, aesthetic, and vintage image

forever young - alphaville

Playboy, aesthetic, and magazine image quotes, The Breakfast Club, and 80s image

true - spandau ballet

vintage, burger king, and retro image car, stars, and galaxy image

uptown girl - billy joel

The Breakfast Club image love, couple, and Twin Peaks image

candy girl - new edition

grease, pink, and vintage image 1980, 1980s, and 80s image

(feels like) heaven - fiction factory

vintage, retro, and city image Image removed

promise me - the cover girls

Image by passidina aesthetic, authentic, and gif image

call me - blondie

retro, skate, and vintage image movie, vintage, and moonrise kingdom image

maryann - new edition

Image by ✧*:・゚Carla・゚:*✧ retro and vintage image

piano in the dark - brenda russell

1940s image vintage, pink, and retro image

i should be so lucky - kylie minogue

aesthetic, vintage, and architecture image Image by Gal

out of the blue - debbie gibson

girl, vintage, and 80s image Image by AlinaSavelieva

come back to me - janet jackson

couple, love, and vintage image vintage, red, and rose image

crazy (for loving you) - cherrelle

analog, art, and beach image brown, hipster, and red image

electric youth - debbie gibson

aesthetic, cheerleader, and vintage image saved by the bell image

especially for you - kylie minogue and jason donovan

90s, movie, and vintage image beauty, floral, and Hot image

foolish beat - debbie gibson

80s and debbie gibson image 80's, 80s, and debbie gibson image