Hello loves! Welcome back to another article (I sound like a youtuber lol).

In this article, I'm going to be making a packing list for the lucky few (me) that are still planning on going on vacation sometime this summer. I'm heading to Gulf Shores, Alabama in less than two weeks and i'm absolutely pumped for it.

So, to relieve some of my anxiousness and excitement for this trip, I'm going to create a packing list for all those who are going somewhere warm this summer!


1. t-shirts
2. swimsuits
3. nice tops
4. shorts
5. jeans
6. sweatshirt
7. socks/under garments

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1. tennis shoes
2. sandals
3. sneakers

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1. toothbrush/toothpaste
2. makeup
3. shampoo/conditioner
4. brush
5. straightener
6. hair rubber bands/bobby pins

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1. money/credit cards (make sure you have enough)
2. hats/sunglasses
3. jewelry
4. purse for going out
5. sunscreen
6. headphones (I can't live without them)
7. travel journal
8. beach towels

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that is my packing list for this vacation! I hope you found this list helpful if you are going somewhere warm as well.

I'll write next when vacation is over! Aloha!