Hello sweeties! This is not exactly an article, it is just an experience me and my sister are doing on how we imagine the courts!It's a mess, because it will serve other purposes of our book club...

Hope you enjoy it :)



gardens, versailles, and window image architecture and gold image aesthetic, gold, and vintage image antique, art, and beauty image
wallpaper, aesthetic, and gold image Image removed art, mythology, and painting image aesthetic, architecture, and art image
imagination, versailles, and stayhome image architecture, chandelier, and fairytale image architecture, beautiful, and chateau image france, princess, and versailles image
versailles and france image architecture, bambi, and beautiful image architecture, house, and pink image architecture, versailles, and vintage image
austria and ballroom image gold, aesthetic, and royal image gold and aesthetic image france, gates, and history image
floral, paris, and versailles image luxury, architecture, and art image beautiful, retro, and goals image aesthetic, stairs, and sunset image
architecture, art, and interior image Inspiring Image on We Heart It beautiful, gold, and marie-antoinette image palace, luxury, and royal image


marie antoinette, rococo, and interior image vintage image
green, king, and palace image interior, baroque, and rococo image
castle, france, and luxe image vintage, gold, and room image
king, library, and palace image architecture, interior, and decor image
bedroom, gold, and luxury image room image


versailles and france image chateau de versailles, gardens, and palace image water, aesthetic, and green image fountain, sculpture, and mermaid image
garden, nature, and green image Image by Private User Image by Private User aesthetic, nature, and cottagecore image cottagecore image flowers, garden, and gate image
aesthetic, boat, and ocean image wallpaper, water, and aesthetic image
exteriores, flowers, and roses image flowers, aesthetic, and nature image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image garden and mansion image


garden, nature, and aesthetic image flowers, nature, and yellow image nature, flowers, and photography image nature, animals, and horse image
aesthetic, nature, and garden image blue, flowers, and garden image flowers, nature, and aesthetic image flowers, nature, and garden image
nature, green, and flowers image cafe, cities, and city image
flowers, nature, and cottagecore image nature, waterfall, and green image green, aesthetic, and nature image flowers, nature, and indie image


dress image dress image dress image dress, fashion, and style image
Image by Jarbas Jacare fashion and style image dress and fashion image dress, Couture, and fashion image
Couture, dress, and dresses image dress, fashion, and girl image hairstyle and orange image clothes, dress, and fashion image
dress, gowns, and pink image Couture, dress, and dresses image Couture, dress, and fashion image pink, dress, and aesthetic image
dress, fashion, and style image dress, green, and fashion image dress, fashion, and green image Couture, dress, and dresses image
dress, fashion, and blue image dress, fashion, and flowers image Image by zarina♡ fashion, homecoming dress, and prom dress short image
dress, fashion, and style image shoes, heels, and gold image hair, girl, and hairstyle image awesome, bride, and cool image
Image by shaymagyan77 Image by Private User denim, fashion, and style image fashion image dress, aesthetic, and book image Image by daintysoft
beautiful, clothes, and green image fashion, dress, and outfit image aesthetic, dress, and fashion image cottagecore, soft, and aesthetic image


aesthetic, delicious, and food image cream and mushroom image bake, crispy, and potato image food, yummy, and cheese image
Image by Shan cake, food, and strawberry image cake, flowers, and food image food, chocolate, and dessert image
cherry, cheesecake, and fruit image strawberry, food, and aesthetic image drink, aesthetic, and cherry image food, pie, and sweet image
Image by Trang cake, goodgasm, and cake decoration image pink, sweet, and flowers image blueberry, food, and fruit image
strawberry, aesthetic, and food image fruit, raspberry, and berries image flowers, tea, and aesthetic image aesthetic, colors, and bottle image


It was tiring to look for all these images, but it will be worth it when I put together my slide show!

That's all! Stay home, please!

Lux aeterna,