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i chose kpop as my genre because well. < kpop 3

also i didn't proof read ?? this so just ignore the typos ty :D

how often do you listen to this genre of music?

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almost daily, all my playlist have kpop so i listen to kpop everytime i listen to music ^^

how does it make you feel?

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it obviously depends on the song im listening to, but kpop is my source of happiness and a great way to escape reality, so it usually makes me happy and it also calms me !!

how do your family and friends think about it?

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i mean i hear racist comments from my family a lot, but they all also vibe to my fave songs so ?? most of my friends are kpop stans, the ones that aren't have pretty positive or neutral opinions and sometimes listen to it

how did you start liking this genre of music?

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the first time i started liking kpop was when gangnam style became the biggest hit. around that time i listened to psy and hyuna a lot !! the second time was in 2016 when i saw a post of someone saying they got judging looks from stranger when they were listening to bigbang. i decided to check out what they were talking about and listened to bigband, 2ne1 and bts for two to three weeks pretty much. the third time i got into kpop was late 2017 after my best friend shoved bts into my face 24/7 for like six months. one night i got save me stuck in my head and was finally introduced to the whole kpop industry, not just the songs or faces and well. i couldn't jimout anymore at that point (haha im so funny- im sorry) :D

why do you like it?

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as i already mentioned, it's my source of happiness and a great escape of reality. the songs are good, the idols are hardworking, talented, funny and comforting !!

what other genres do you like?

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i listen to pretty much everything, if a song is good then it's probably gonna find it's way to some of my playlist, no matter the genre.

do you play any instruments?

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sadly, i don't :( i want to learn piano and guitar, but i'm too lazy and loose motivation too easily for me to actually even start learning.

how has this genre of music impacted your life and how has it changed you?

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kpop has taught me to love and value myself (which im still working on, but kpop helps me a lot) and it also has educated me on different languages and cultures (not just korean !)

what don't you like about this genre of music?

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the fandom and the labels. now, don't get me wrong, there are a lot of amazing fans, but god. some kpop fans can be really mean and terrible not only towards people who aren't kpop fans, but also towards each other. there is always wars and bullying and the toxic fans always have a way to be even more toxic getting the whole fandom into bad light which is really sad :( and also some of the labels treat their idols terribly and i just. hate some of them a lot <3

name your favorite artists who perform under that genre of music

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my most faves are stray kids, the boyz, a.c.e, txt, nct (all units !), 2z, red velvet, blackpink, hyuna and jay park !! <3

ok so yeah that was it bye thank u for reading this far :D