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my bday is 5th of October <3

1. what's your zodiac sign?

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Libra baby

2. favorite flower

Image by littlefridd
Vitória-régias or in English they're called Victoria amazonica

3. favorite ice cream

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Green Corn ice cream

4. summer or winter?

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Summer/tropical weather

5. skirts or dresses?

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I think I prefer dresses better but I usually don't wear either

6. do you like K-pop?

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I'm not really a fan because I don't listen to is but if you do that's great, I love the aesthetic of kpop!!

7. favorite app

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8. 3 animals you are afraid of

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Crabs, piranhas, and molerats

9. do you use snapchat often?

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It depends

10. youtube or netflix?

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Netflix over Youtube when watching movies/series. Youtube when listening to music/lyrics videos and youtubers