Hey everybody! The world is full of so much hatred, cruelty, and anger these days. There are so many terrible things happening right now, so much sadness. How can we fight this? By being good, kind people. Here's how to be kind!

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Step 1: Don't judge people

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Before you even do anything, change your whole outlook. When you meet someone or interact with someone, don't make assumptions based on how they look. And even if you think you know someone, there may be things happening in their life you don't know about. So don't be too critical or judgmental of people unless you know the whole story.

Step 2: Practice random acts of kindness

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This is a super fun and creative way to be kind. Random acts of kindness (RAK) are generally easy and can be really uplifting and special because they come out of nowhere. You can change someone's whole day! Here's a link to a list of RAK you can try.


Step 3: Lend a helping hand

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Everyone has struggles. Whether it is making friends, taking care of their children, or working in their yard. If you see someone who needs assistance- like your elderly neighbor needs groceries or your classmate tripped in the hallway- just help them out. It won't take long and will be so appreciated.

Step 4: Compliment people

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One super easy way to be kind is to compliment others. You know it feels awesome when someone gives you a great compliment out of the blue. Like when you put a lot of effort into your outfit or you've been working out a ton or you go well on a test and someone notices. Go around giving compliments to people! Here's a list of examples.


Step 5: Don't complain about your problems

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One way to be kind is to avoid making things about yourself. If someone is sharing how they have a bad family relationship, certainly share your own experience and empathize with them, but don't turn the discussion into a conversation about your own family issues. Focus outwards instead of inwards and you'll find your own problems will feel less significant.

Step 6: Be grateful for what you have

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Another way to be kind? Appreciate what you have within you and around you. This is important not just for being kind but for being happier, confident, and a good person. When you're grateful for what you have, you are willing to give more to others and help them out.

Step 7: Volunteer more

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If you really want to be a kind person, consider charity work, humanitarian service, or philanthropy. Donating money to organizations, working at organizations (like Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, at hospitals, soup kitchens, toy and clothing drives, etc.) helps make a positive difference in the world. Here's a list of volunteer ideas.


Step 8: Take care of the planet

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Of course, you should be kind to the planet as well. Stewardship is so valuable. Plant trees, work in your town or city's community garden, start a garden, buy organic, pick up trash- the options are endless.

Step 9: Learn from your mistakes

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When I decide I will be kind, I often mistake this with perfection. I often look at the kindest people I know and find that they seem perfect, and I strive for this- but I fail and mess up eventually. I get in a fight with my family, I say something stupid or mean- in other words, I still get angry, mean, and irritated. And that's okay. I'm human. Learn from your mistakes and keep trying to be kind.

Step 10: Don't bring others down

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In this world, people are very critical. In some ways, it's okay: people that make mistakes need to be made aware of them, especially if they repeat the mistakes. But most people in this world are good and are just trying their best. Instead of criticizing, be willing to accept that not everyone is perfect and just move on.

Step 11: Forgive and forget

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Kind people forgive. This means you accept someone's mistake and let it go. You can't hold grudges and be kind. You have to move on. Life is way too short to stay mad. There's a proverb: don't let the sun set on your anger.

Step 12: Spend time with others

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One of the five love languages is quality time. It always is meaningful when someone goes out of their way to stop and say hello or make space n their schedule for you. Doing this is meaningful and usually better than buying gifts for others because it's costless and doesn't make them feel like they owe you anything.

Step 13: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

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This proverb means to turn a blind eye to wrong. In other words, if someone is trying to provoke or offend you, you should ignore it and take the high road. In turn, you should avoid doing the same to others.

Step 14: Be optimistic and friendly

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People that are positive, cheerful, and bright come across as kind. If you need help being happy and positive, check out my articles on the subject. This will make you approachable and help you come across as a kind person. Of course, you don't need to be an extrovert or sociable- but you should be accessible.

Step 15: Be polite

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Naturally, being polite goes hand in hand with kindness. People that are kind are just naturally polite. They go together. It's hard to see someone as kind that doesn't say please and thank you, or who doesn't give up their metro seat for an elderly lady.

Step 16: Share with others

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You need to give and sacrifice a little to be kind. There are a lot of selfish people in this world that only care for themselves (keep in mind that self care is not selfish). When you give a little bit of yourself- your time, money, pride- away, you share with others and are a kind person.

Step 17: Take the high road

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Ignore or overlook when others deliberately (or unwittingly) try to take you down. Chances are, they don't mean to hurt you and just aren't thinking. And if they are trying to be malicious, consider that they might be jealous (which is sort of a compliment if you think about it) or they're going through something difficult. It'll make you more understanding and sympathetic. Plus, you're more mature that way!

Step 18: Be humble

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Don't brag. Don't try to raise yourself up and appear better- more beautiful, more intelligent, more talented. You shouldn't have to do this to be kind. Kind people are humble. They half high self esteem but they're not braggarts.

Hopefully that inspired you guys! Leave a big heart and be kind!


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