birth name: Kore Baldwin ( コレ・ボールドウィン)
nickname: Sephone, Jewels, Spacehead
hero name: Crystalite the Stellar Hero
birthdate: March 22nd
height: 157.48cms (5'2ft)
age: 16
quirk: Galactic Crystal
occupation: student (1-A)
internship/agency: her brother, Obsidian & Manual Agency


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blueish-grey eyes, natural walnut brown skin but it changes to black with visible galaxies when using quirk, off-white hair
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general anxiety, motherly, known to put people in their place, trouble magnet, rich girl, intj-t, logical, sorta an airhead, booksmart, not streetsmart,

003: STYLE

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Hero Costume
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Likes - her dad's business office, fashion, pale colors, 90s rock, cats, tuna, coffee, mental stimulation, meats, chocolate milk
Image by 𝔡𝔵𝔯𝔨𝔰𝔵𝔲𝔩𝔵𝔵 guitar, pink, and music image
Dislikes - getting wet, loud noises, not finishing a book, chemistry, leather things, her family, mornings,

005: QUIRK

Image by Naz Image by Pinky
Galactic Crystal - made from both the quirk Galactic Link and Crystalline
pink and diamond image Image by Monica McCumber
Crystalline - Kore can form different types of crystals in different locations on her body using carbon but when her carbon levels are low (Alkalosis) she can get nauseous, tremors, faint, and numbness
Image by 02.06 archive and astronomy image
Galactic Link - a direct link to the universe lets Kore channel carbon and use it for crystal creation or small scale cosmic events like a supernovae, white holes, and etc. but its unstable inside Kore


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Iida Tenya - boyfriend
anime, icon, and manga image aesthetic, anime, and edit image
Kaminari Denki - partner in crime
aesthetic, anime, and edit image Image by Izuku Midoriya(me)💚
Midoriya Izuku - close friends
aesthetic, anime, and edit image bnha, momo yaoyorozu, and yaoyorozu image
Ashido Mina - her person/childhood best friend
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Todoroki Shoto - platonic soulmates
my edit and tokoyami fumikage image aesthetic, anime, and blue image
Fumikage Tokoyami - close friends