Hey, it's Dilay again!
A few minutes ago I was searching for something then I saw these articles;

The writer said "Feel free to make your own combination!" as you know I'm a Dark Academic too so I thought "Why not?" and here I am...

As I did, feel free to make your own. hearts, hearts, hearts. :3


-> Romanticizing university and academia.
-> Melodrama...
-> A deep need for learning.
-> Confidence but cold fingers.
-> Libraries are literally my home. Every single one of them.
-> Turtlenecks, tweed trousers, trench coats, oxfords.
-> Keats and Shakespeare. Mostly Shakespeare.
-> Everything has a connection with before the 21st century.

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-> Steam rising from your tea.
-> Watching sunrises with a book in hand.
-> Enjoying the little things.
-> Beige trench coats, silk button-ups.
-> Reading, reading, and lots of reading.

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-> Notebooks filled with scattered calculations, terms, and theories.
-> The feeling of puzzle pieces fitting together.
-> The vastness of existence.
-> What is this.
-> Macabre diagrams of skulls and human anatomy on yellowed paper.

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-> “And you wish to be a poet; you wish to be a lover”
-> School uniforms getting torn or being dirty.
-> Heavy boots, patched or torn clothes, school uniform but worn incorrectly; neckties around heads, ripped stockings.
-> Study parties at 1 am.
-> Sneaking out of school or skipping class.
-> Reciting useless facts.
-> Drinking cold tea.
-> Anarchism quotes all over notes.

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-> Vintage jewelry, oxfords.
-> Reading romance novels and poetry.
-> Write letters.
-> Smile at strangers on the street.
-> Drink tea and warm your cold hands with the cup.
-> Leave little notes to people you love.
-> Wear jewelry that means a lot to you.
-> Memorise the lyrics you love most and write them everywhere.
-> Love madly, deeply and passionately.

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-> Stress, so much stress.
-> Coming to class gripping your coffee or energy drink as if it were your lifeline.
-> Letting anyone copy your notes if they ask, but keeping the messiest notes ever.
-> Raising your hand and correcting the teacher/professor when they f*ck up during a lecture.
-> Sharing your marked-up copies of leviathan, the communist manifesto, and the republic with anyone interested.
-> Worn out oxfords or combat boots.
-> Dark circles under your eyes.
-> Doodling on your quizzes.
-> Never be afraid to fight against the system when it’s flawed.

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-> Glasses, turtlenecks, corduroy jackets.
-> Sparkly eyes and foggy glasses.
-> Going to art museums and falling in love with every portrait, every sculpture.
-> Caressing the petals of a rose.
-> Hearing the crinkle of leaves underfoot.
-> Picnic at Hanging Rock 1975, dir. Peter Weir.

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-> Stolen kisses in public.
-> A rainbow after a storm.
-> Art museum dates.
-> Dried paint on your hands.
-> Sketchbooks filled with drawings.
-> Lost in your thoughts.
-> Late night talks.
-> Vintage teacups, and slow blinks.

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-> Taking on your character’s traits, even outside the theater.
-> Art history museums.
-> The Phantom of the Opera.
-> Loose papers in every bag.
-> Studying at rehearsals.
-> Walking alone across a dark stage and reciting old lines.
-> New friends.

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-> V A M P I R E S
-> Gothic studies.
-> 'Gloomy’ weather, clouds, fog, rain, crisp air, snow.
-> Red wine on stormy nights.
-> Tea time under the moonlight.
-> Watching that one mortal I love.
-> Clothing much older than my present day.
-> Raven feather pens and inkblots.
-> Messy hair.
-> Classy but cruel.
-> “We breathe the light, we breathe the music, we breathe the moment as it passes through us.”

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I just want to say some words. First things first, Dark Academia and the subgenres of it are a large community and they expect all humanity. That means it doesn't matter who you are, your race, gender, sexuality, rights or wrongs, etc. If you have the feeling of studying, reading, admiring the art and artists themselves, count yourself too. We all love you and ready to have you dear.

Second thing is, you can mix all the subgenres and you don't have to be only one. We don't have to belong anywhere or everywhere. We can mix the things, you love wearing the darkest tones while watching the sunset on the shore, this is you, madam/sir!

That's all, thank you for tuning in! I hope we all can see sunny days soon without this hate and violence again. As always "Books, not guns; culture, not violence." Take care!

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