I have always been a very curious person by nature. Be it knowing about someone or something or simply getting to the crux of things; it satisfies me from within as if I have achieved inner peace of some sort. 😌

I know it might sound kind of creepy to some people, but it’s my tendency to know-it-all. I need to tick all the W’s, i.e. What, Why, Where, When, Who and any other W you can think of!😁

When we want to know about someone, we tend to be intrigued to find what they are like, their favourite things to do and other deep stuff. So, it only makes it easy for us to understand that person better and grow the relationship with them in a natural way. 🙂

I feel everyone needs to be a little inquisitive about things in life. We should be curious about how things around us work or anything related to our interests. 🧐

After all, what’s life if we don’t keep exploring or learning about it constantly?

Being curious also keeps our mind woke and helps us to figure out the probabilities of situations in future.

Imagine if you keep leading your life without asking or searching for the questions in your head that are killing you from the inside?

It will not only contort your peace of mind, but you will end up as a mess!

To keep it short, I would like to tell you all that it’s never harmful to be a little curious; rather you will only gain something out of it, i.e. Knowledge that revolutionizes our thinking.

Lots of Luck & Love 💌
Karishma 🧜🏼‍♀️