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Now to dive into today's article! I first want to say, phenomenal series...

I read it as a teen and highly recommend it! It's fluffy, angsty, and keeps you interested.

But did you know it's actually a retelling of a Bible story?

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The Selection by Kiera Cass is based off of the story of Esther, and it's one of my favorites!

To summarize the original story, Esther was rounded up along with many other young women to be presented to the king as potential brides. However, it was very dangerous to be a woman during this time, and Esther had to learn to stay true to herself and her people. In the end, the king fell in love with her, and she had to overcome her fears to speak up and save her people when it mattered. She couldn't understand why her life was turned upside down at first, but she learned in the end that God placed her there for a specific reason.

If you want to read the whole story, Esther gets her own book in the Bible. Just look up the Book of Esther, and you'll find a great read!

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When I first read the story, I began to have a sense of de ja vu, and I recognized the retelling almost instantly. To see if I was right, I looked up an interview with the author.

Turns out, Cass did draw inspiration from the Bible story!

(For reference: https://wottaread.com/how-to-read-the-selection-kiera-cass-books-in-order/)
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I have to admit, I think the Bible story has a lot more danger and heroicism involved, but The Selection series is a fantastic modern retelling. I hadn't read one like it before and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So I recommend both! Read the series AND the Bible story. See which one you like better, or maybe you think they're totally indpenedent of each other. Feel free to message me (account linked below) and tell me your thoughts!

Thanks for reading, Aurora! <3

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