Last Wednesday I wrote an article about falling back in love with your life and I feel like I didn't mention some important things when it comes to loving your life again.

If you are reading this article then you are probably someone who is looking for a change or someone like me, who messed up the big chance in life. Loving your life means more than being organized and preparing your outfits ahead. You can have everything planned out and still not be prepared for the things life throws at you. But hey, c'est la vie and that is what am I trying to teach you in this article. Learning how to stand back up at your feet and loving your life again is hard. And it seems to me like nobody is telling or showing the real hard work. So allow me to tell you. Transforming for the better was never easy let alone pretty and magical like Instagram is showing us. Real transformation and learning how to love yourself and your life are messy and full of unexpected feelings you didn't even know you had. And do you wanna know why? Because you are shedding layers of yourself and leaving chapters of your life that no longer serve you. So let go of people who bring out the worst in you, stop controlling the things that are not in your power, surround yourself with positive quotes, pictures, vision boards, and people and learn how to fall back in love with your life. And remember one thing, I will be following you along the way.

With Love M. aka ConfessionsOfALifeFreak