hey my duuudes i made a whole new spotify acc for my playlists that y'all are very welcome to follow or simply take a look if u want <3
i'll leave infos & links below :)

playlist # 1 – night mode

[ includes the weeknd, the neighbourhood & post malone ]

rose, blackpink, and kpop image beauty, black, and dope image
for that late evening nostalgia
playlist # 2 – chill

[ includes khalid, hozier & the 1975 ]

kpop, lq, and loona image Image by S
smooth bops
playlist # 3 – emo $hit

[ includes blackbear, bloo & sleeping at last ]

quotes, grunge, and night image quotes, music, and night image
sad bops
playlist # 4 – beauties

[ includes brockhampton, harry styles & 5sos ]

Harry Styles, harry, and styles image quotes, kindness, and aesthetic image
underrated gems
playlist # 5 – jamz

[ includes justin timberlake, doja cat & dua lipa ]

dua lipa and black and white image overlay, edit, and volume image
my brand✊🏼


thank u for passing by luvs, have a great day <333

beautiful, beauty, and black image
ALSO can they come back and save the music industry im tired