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What is your ideal day like?

  • week day: wake up, dress up, go to a coffee shop (ask for a cappuccino), go to university, go back home, study while I listen to music, chat with my friends on social media, make diner, eat, "me time" in the bathroom, put on my pajamas, watch Netflix or Youtube, go to sleep.
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  • weekend: wake up late, breakfast, tidy my flat, lunch, go to the city with my friends, diner in restaurant, party or stay in, going to sleep late.
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What type of music do you listen to? Why?

I listen to pretty much anything, it really depends on my mood. I listed 5 artists I like to listen to right now:

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DJ Snake
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Higher Brothers
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Lewis Capaldi
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Imagine dragons

Do you have something that makes you nostalgic?

Maybe looking at the family photo album, I lost so much family members.. I always feel nostalgic when looking at the photo album, it holds so much happy memories.

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Is there any conspiracy theory you believe in?

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Extraterrestrials and UFOs theories
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Jeffrey Epstein death and what it hides
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What do you do whenever you have free time?

When I have free time I like to see my friends, and sometimes I also like to have a "me time", spending some time by myself at home (reading a book, draw or cook, things like that).

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Who is someone you admire? Why?

My grandmother. My grandfather was a difficult man, she raised eight children, she has overcome all the obstacles that life has put in her way. She truly is the MVP, she is a warrior and a role model.

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What do you think is unique about yourself?

My flaws. One day someone asked me what it's like to be perfect, I replied that I was not, and if it was the case it would be so boring because our flaws make of us what we are, to be perfect is to be nobody.
So I think what makes me unique are my flaws.

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If you could invite anyone in the world to a dinner party, who would be your guests?

I made a list of 5 people I would like to talk to:

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Thomas Pesquet (Astronaut) | I love astronomy and I have so much questions to ask
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Marie Curie (Scientist) | She really is a role model for young woman I think
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DJ Snake (DJ) | He is an amazing person, I would really like to meet him
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Leonardo DiCaprio (Actor) | He does so much for climate change, an example to follow
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Ellie Goulding (Singer) | she is an amazing woman, I would really like to meet her

What is your dream job?

I wanted to be an architect. But I didn't study for this because I hate maths.. But if maths wasn't an obstacle I'd really like to be an architect.

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Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets, why?

I think both are beautiful. I really like campfires on the beach with a sunset as background, but I also like a early morning walks with a sunrise for background.

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What is your favorite time period?

I would say the 90s maybe.

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Are you more focused on the past or future than the present?

I'm someone who lives for the present time. I don't live in the past nor in the future, I live now.

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