Unlike the movies, we, mermaids, do not always have a tail. We live on an island called : Magnyard. As soon as we enter the water, our tail starts to grow. As soon as we touch land, we appear as humans. The island has never been discovered because no mundane would be brave enough to enter the mist. If they do, they will either encounter the soldiers that will drown them, or die in a shipwreck.

the palace :

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The palace is where the royal family lives, like myself.

Queen :

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King :

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Me (princess) :

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Celeste :

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Marilla :

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Two kingdoms. Sirens & Mermaids. Sirens have the power of death while us, mermaids, have the power of life and beauty. One day, a spy is killed for attempting to kill my mother, the queen. When the princess of the mermaids and the prince of the Sirens meet, love will come in the way. The princess must marry a mermaid and it is illegal to even talk to a siren or else, thou shall be a traitor and banned.