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emily - the environmental activist

art image aesthetic, newspaper, and beige image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, grunge, and alternative image Image by CC🖤 aesthetic, green, and perfume image aesthetic, flowers, and girl image

mishama - the academic one

Temporarily removed 90s, aesthetic, and brightness image cat, aesthetic, and girl image aesthetic, body, and grunge image Temporarily removed sunset, beach, and ocean image dog, animal, and cute image girl, model, and friends image

patrick - the skater boy

boy, boys, and dark image fashion, grunge, and cute image skate, boy, and skateboard image boy, skateboard, and aesthetic image Image by blastfather aesthetic, skateboard, and grunge image aesthetic, love, and couple image black, dark, and thrasher image

faye - the luxurious one

fashion, aesthetic, and eyes image sunglasses, theme, and glasses image girl, fashion, and chanel image bag, chanel, and fashion image chanel image accessories, bodies, and fit image aesthetic, iphone, and nails image chanel, fashion, and hat image

ava - the indie one

fashion, pink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, Collage, and stickers image indie, retro, and saturation image alternative, inspo, and retro image aesthetic, indie, and indie kid image aesthetic, indie, and saturation image aesthetic and indie image indie, girl, and style image

megan - the one obsessed with call me by your name

aesthetic, italy, and food image music, piano, and aesthetic image water, hands, and aesthetic image 1983, aesthetic, and bed image *** and nifertari_white+ image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Privégebruiker aesthetics, garden, and green image