Hi again! I'm Alexis but you can call me Lexi. This is a how to. (How to win a girls heart) I guarantee this will work.

Way one: Hug her from behind

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Hugs from behind is literally every girls weakness. When there mad its calms them. When there sad it soothes them. When there happy it excites them.

Way two: Grab her hand while you guys walk next to each other

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Grab her hand. Not to aggressively. Slowly slide in, look at her and smile when you do. She give in and hold yours too.

Way three: When y'all are standing wrap your arms around her

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Idk why but I guess it's kinda romantic. It's like your cuddling but standing up.

Way four: Cuddle with her

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Its too true. We love to cuddle even when were mad. Go out buy us some chocolate and a Teddy bear, we'll cuddle you forever.

Way five: Dont force us to do anything

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That could lead to a fight. We dont want to be told what to do all the time.