This article will be a school tour of Cashmore's Academy of Young Potential campus, including some extra information about the curriculum and lifestyle of students here at Cashmore's! Let’s start the tour!

Cashmore's Academy of Young Potential

Main Hall

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The Main Hall is where students come for meals and self-study time and students are free to sit wherever they want. It's located behind the House Building, a large glass building that resembled Joanna's greenhouse.

School Grounds

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Cashmore's has extensive school grounds surrounding it, which included leveled and well-taken lawns, flowerbeds, vegetable patches, as well as a lake (called the Lover's Lake), several greenhouses, and three sports fields.

The Three Houses

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Houses at the Elite are both the living and learning communities for its students. Each year's group of students in the same House shares the same dormitory and many classes. Each house has four colors, each student within the House has the choice of wearing the colors throughout daily wear. Before attending their first year, the students would take the Rank Exam, a slightly complicated test where they can sort the students into their houses. Each House has a building for its students.

Ruby House

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Named after Penelope Ruby, one of the war heroes after the Renewal War, the Ruby House is home for the creative. Students generally excel in classes like Etiquette and Art.
Their house symbol is a stag named Edvard. The House color is crimson and coal-black.
Their Head is Mr. Jedrick Offspring, who is also the Etiquette professor.

Parizey House

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After John Parizey, the smartest man of the generation and saved thirty-six lives through his brain, so his house is for the intelligent. Students generally excel in classes like Literature and Mathematics. The House colors are royal blue and emerald. Their symbol is an eagle named Prudence and their Head is Selma Elleta, the photography teacher.

Ivi House

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In honor of the great English Prince, Cartier Ivi, known for his one hundred and six acts of kindness and his fair judgment. The house of the honorable. Students aren't afraid to stand up to what they believe in. Students are hard-workers and mostly stand out in most of their classes. Their House color is magenta-purple Their symbol is a peacock named Charis.


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There is a very large building for the
Left Building : Ivi
Middle Building: Parizey
Right Building: Ruby

Each building is separated in half, one side for boys and the other for girls. Each side has a staircase that leads to the common rooms. There are 8 levels, for each year, with combined houses. On the ground, the regular room, where announcements are made and students can relax, study and socialize.

Every student shares a room with another student, of the same gender.


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Etiquette, Literature, History, Mathematics, Science.

Astronomy, Latin, French, Greek, German, Spanish, Scottish, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Italian, American and British Sign Language, Theater (set design), Theater (acting), Art, Crystal-growing, Party-planning, Ballet, Baking, Ballroom Dancing, Jewelry-making, Band, Tea Party, Swimming, Architecture, Football, Soccer, Fencing, Gardening, Horse-riding, Sewing, Wrestling.

Students need to pick at least three electives along with a language learning


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Exactly 283 guards, 230 chefs, 30 garden tenders, and 6 librarians.
And 51 teachers.

Daily Routine

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The day would begin at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast in the Main Hall. A bell chime signaled the start of the first class at 9 a.m. The bell chimed again in one hour to signal the start of the next class.

There were three class periods before lunch, scheduled according to the house. After lunch, there was another break and two more classes. There were Astronomy classes as the last class of the day. If there was a heavy snowstorm in between periods, certain lessons that took place outside (such as Horse-riding) could be canceled, since it would be difficult for students to traverse from the building to the outside.

Dinner was served in the Main Hall towards the evening, after which the students were expected to be in their house buildings for studying and socializing.


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Every year, the school holds traditional events, like tournaments and balls. Yearly balls would be the Halloween Ball, the Christmas Ball, and the Valentine Ball. For Etiquette class, in March, they hold a dinner for the students to prove their skills.
Students in the Event-Planning elective may hold their own parties, in their own house, as opposed to their grades and skill-proving.