These are some of my favorite songs to listen to in summer. If you are interested in indie/r&b-ish songs this is your article, and if your want to get to know more songs like the ones below you can find them here:

Hope you enjoy!

I. minsu - xxlove

green, dress, and aesthetic image food and fashion image

II. benne, gus dapperton - supalonely

aesthetic, bus, and green image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

III. saay - i'm ok

nails, aesthetic, and alternative image winona ryder, Heathers, and 80s image

IV. se so neon - gurumi

sunmi and lee sunmi image anime, aesthetic, and art image

V. crush - ibiza

Harry Styles, one direction, and 1d image aesthetic, quotes, and feeling image

VI. harry styles - sunflower, vol. 6

sulli and ulzzang image adorable, aesthetic, and animal image

VII. jeebanoff - good place

book, nature, and sunset image korean, urban, and hyukoh image

VIII. primary, ohhyuk - rubber

fashion, outfit, and style image kpop, v, and taehyung image

IX. pharrell williams, camila cabello - sangria wine

aesthetic, beautiful, and fashion image joy, magazine, and style image

X. samuel seo - blue

80s, 90s, and aesthetic image cat, animal, and coffee image

XI. jona camacho - está bn

bedroom, inspo, and style image red velvet and seulgi image

XII. lana del rey - doin' time

Image by ℒŮℵẴ 2020, broken, and fall in love image

XIII. the black skirts - sangu station

freckles, aesthetic, and tumblr image couple, love, and aesthetic image