hi :)

505 - arctic monkeys

arctic monkeys, Lyrics, and 505 image arctic monkeys, alex turner, and Lyrics image
this song fuvks me up but at the same time i adore it

somebody else - the 1975

aesthetic, love, and hand image the 1975, somebody else, and Lyrics image
"i'm looking through you why you're looking through your phone and then leaving with somebody else"

affection - between friends

love, couple, and aesthetic image aesthetic, affection, and alternative image
"life is just the way you hold me"

stolen dance - milky chance

aesthetic, alternative, and blue image Lyrics, quotes, and songs image
fell in love with this song the first time i heard it

iris - goo goo dolls

goo goo dolls, iris, and sad image text, goo goo dolls, and iris image
this song reminds me of a time i have never lived, yet i am nostalgic about it

these songs make feel nostalgic of a time i didn't experience,
that being said i love these songs so much and hope you will like them and you will add them to your playlists too
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