hey everyone! since we've been in lockdown here in the uk, i've enjoyed playing with makeup and exploring new techniques and styles. here is my updated makeup routine for summer

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step 1: the base
like most people, my skin gets much drier during hot weather. so, i need something moisturising without making my base oily and shiny.
i use the fenty beauty hydrating longwear foundation; it keeps my skin dewy in the heat!

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step 2: the eyes
eyeshadow is where i like to get creative and play around with colour. but when i want to go really simple, i'll place a matte brown (like 'corduroy' from MAC) in my crease and on the lower lash line, and top it off with liner.
mascara is one of my favourite steps, and i use the pat mcgrath fetish eyes. it may be expensive but its the best i've ever used!

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step 3: the complexion
i use the laura mercier translucent setting powder to lock my foundation in place and prevent my t-zone from getting oily and shiny. then, i'll overdose on the highlighter as i love this look for summer! right now i'm loving the kylie cosmetics kylighter in the shade french vanilla

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i always make sure to lock everything in place with a setting spray too

step 4: the lips
during summer months, i skip the matte lipstick and jump straight to gloss! i like the elf lip lacquer as its super shiny and doesn't break the bank

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