Hi guys!

These are tv shows to binge watch so it has more than 5 seasons!

1. Arrow

arrow, cw, and gif image celebrities, sexy, and stephen amell image

2. Gilmore girls

college, gilmore girls, and quotes image Image by โœฟ.๏ฝก.:* โ˜†:**:. ๐’ซ๐’ถ๐“‰๐“‡๐’พ .:**:.โ˜†*.:๏ฝก.โœฟ

3. The 100

the 100 and octavia blake image actor, the 100, and boys image

4. Criminal minds

criminal minds, matthew gray gubler, and Reid image criminal minds, fbi, and jj image

5. The office

the office image the office, quotes, and funny image

6. Parks and recreation

Image removed meme, quotes, and cry image

7. That 70s show

quotes and that 70s show image 90s, pink, and vintage image

8. Teen wolf

teen, wolf, and teenwolf image lydia, teen wolf, and stiles image

9. The vampire diaries

gif, Nina Dobrev, and the vampire diaries image actor, season 3, and the vampire diaries image

10. Brooklyn nine nine

brooklyn nine nine, b99, and jake peralta image series and brooklyn nine nine image