Since it’s advised by various scientists and the government to not go
out of your houses because of the Covid-19 crisis, make sure you make
the best use of this ‘lockdown’ period and don’t just sit & laze
around the whole day. Wondering how to spend the whole day at home? Well in lockdown.
we’ve got that covered for you with the top 5 things you can do to
pass time lock in your houses :

1. Do Some Career Research
There is a lot that goes behind building a career for yourself and by
that we mean doing a lot of research for the same. While the people
unsure about their futures can work on finding the right career path for
themselves, the ones who are sure can always look up how to go about
their careers step by step further. Explore or enhance, either way,
it’s the best time to be career-sorted with a clear mind in this lockdown.

2. Catch Up With Your Syllabus
Bring out the nerd in you because why not? There is literally no excuse
for you to delay cramming up your syllabus anymore. Make the best use of
it and cover-up for all the bunked/missed classes you’ve had. And
let’s be honest, there will be less anxiety and panic a day before the
exam which every student secretly wants.
So even if you take out 1 hour in lockdown for each subject every day, you’ll still
have plenty of time to do other things.

3. Find A Hobby / Explore Your Creative Side
There is ‘n’ number of things for you to explore in terms of your
creative talent like singing, dancing, cooking, writing, etc. You can
learn so many things from youtube and even take inspiration from apps
like Pinterest to explore your creative side. From cooking something new
to creating a piece of art, there’s a pool of options that you can
always pick and try each day. The key is to learn, explore, and create.

4. Work On Your Fitness
Gyms have been considered one of the topmost places for this virus to
spread fast and all the fitness freaks have no options but to continue
their gym sessions at their homes just to be safe. Also for the ones who
were avoiding gyms till now have a good chance of taking that fitness
step at the comfort of their homes in this lockdown since there’s a lot of free time.
Not only this, but it’s also actually important to remain active during this
lockdown and not laze around because you don’t want your health to be
affected by ironically trying to protect it otherwise (from the virus).
So do whatever it takes yoga, cardio, aerobics or dance – but sweat it

5. Lastly, Finish Those Pending Netflix Shows
This one is a bit obvious, we need not say more! Netflix and chill has
always been on the list in this lockdown situation, hasn’t it? After
all entertainment is important too and so we’d suggest you start
with the shows, you’ve been procrastinating to watch for a long time.
Make your wish list, your checklist now. You can also make this session
informative by indulging into shows like ‘pandemic’ or ‘our
planet’ and if you’re seeking inspiration then shows like like
‘miss Americana’ or ‘30 for 30’ should be on your list.
Nonetheless, this is your time to sit, relax and enjoy but not too

So make each day count, keep washing your hands, take necessary
precautions and most importantly be safe in lockdown.