hello everyone! it's currently 0:15am (12:15) rn and i thought that i should write a random article ♡

- it's my birthday today! i'm sure yall know how old i turned based by the title of this article. but yea, i am 19 now! i'm gettin old now...

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♡ the moon child is now 19, woop woop~ ♡


1. loving myself.

  • it took a while for me to finally accept my body and they it is. growing up, i've always had a thin frame and going into high skool, i felt rlly insecure. ofc my body has changed and matured during my years in h.s, so i feel much better now. love yourself first before loving someone else.

2. ppl will judge you no matter what.

  • start giving no flippin f's bout what they think and say about you. they don't like what you wear? wear whatever you want.

3. don't regret missing chances.

  • (ex: if you like someone, go for it and tell them. you never know what could happen! but if they reject you, then it's their loss. 🤣)

4. popularity is dumb.

  • popularity isn't important at all. likes and followers? popularity won't matter once you're older. sorry not sorry. i don't understand why ppl do it like it's their job or sum. yea it's cool knowing a lot of ppl, but keep your friend circle small!

5. eating a lot.

  • don't feel guilty with eating a lot. you're still growing. eat whatever you want while you're still young bc you won't be able to eat those same things once you're older. every time i ate sm, i would so guilty about eating sm and regretting it.

6. ppl come and go.

  • i'm sure everyone's experienced something like this before. whether it's a loved one, an ex, ex best friends, etc. while you still have plenty of time with whoever in your life, make plenty of memories with them, shower them with love and care while they're still there.

7. no more expectations.

  • sometimes expectations just lead you to disappointment, that's all i can say.

8. move on from the past.

  • just like they say, the past doesn't define who you are. if you keep thinking about the past too much, then you'll always be stuck there. you're not in the past anymore, you're in the present and you should focus on that instead of the past, which you cannot do anything about.

9. heartbreak.

  • once in your lives, you will experience heartbreak. yes, it will hurt but you will learn from it and you will heal. take your time will healing, if it still hurts you, accept that hurt. that sadness or whatever emotion you're feeling. do what you feel is right to move on. healing doesn't have a time limit.

10. crying is perfectly fine.

  • just like #9, if you're hurt, it's okay to cry. cry all you want. let it all out baby girl/ boy. don't suppress it. crying is healthy.

11. move on from mistakes.

  • failed a test? don't feel so bummed about it. there's time to improve and do better than before. learn from your mistakes. failing doesn't mean it's the end of the world.

12. it's okay not to be okay. (if yall know the reference, kudos)

  • it's okay to have those times. we're human. those feelings will pass eventually. talk to a close friend, your parent(s), siblings, whoever you can talk to, to express what you feel.

13. it's okay to be different.

  • you don't have to follow trends and like what everyone likes. like and wear, and do what you wanna do. you'll stand out from others.

14. don't compare yourself to others.

  • where's the self love if you compare yourself to others? what's the point of comparing yourself to someone else? these typa things begin on social media, so take a social media detox. 👏🏻

15. appreciate the little things.

  • it can be eating your fav dessert, watching a movie you've been wanting to watch, or someone cooking a meal for you. appreciate those typa things.

16. taking care of yourself.

  • having busy schedules won't give you time to pamper yourself, so try finding time to give yourself a break to relax for once. release all that stress and loosen the knots in your back!

17. value sleep.

  • istg believe me on this. value sleep. sleep in all you want while you can.

18. do something risky for once.

  • don't do anything illegal obv. the riskiest thing i've done was skipping skool. i won't say for how long haha. things like that can make good stories for future generations!

19. enjoy the ride.

  • you're 19. the final year of being a teenager. make the most of it while you're still a teen. you can't go back to those times, but you can always reminisce. see where this ride will take ya :")

- well, that's pretty much it for this article. it was no biggie, but i wanted to write about something like this since i turned 19 today.

  • i sincerely hope yall like what i've said on this article. maybe some of yall will learn something new from reading this.
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♡ happy 19th to me ♡

- till we meet in the next article! ♡

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