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In todays article I have an album recommendation for you. The album is 'FOLK' by Jesse Markin. Markin is a Finnish artist but he makes music in English. He started out as a rapper but in 2019 released his first solo album in which he broadens his style to singing.

"I sing songs for the high and I sing songs for the low"
- Jesse Markin

Markin explores important themes through beautiful songs. In his own words; "I wanted to approach serious topics with honest interpretations, topics like love, xenophobia, hope, lust for money, loneliness and brotherhood. These are things that affect me on a daily basis. Also, breaking my own limits was an important part of this project that I’ve been working on for the past four years. I love music and I hope people can feel that."

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I loved this album I would urge you to fight the temptation to push the shuffle button and take a while to sit back and listen to the songs in order. I have to say I haven't done that in a while, listened to a whole album, but I was so glad that I chose to do that with this one as I really immersed into a whole other world.

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Finding world wide success is difficult when you come from a small country like Finland, but I hope Jesse can defeat the odds because he deffinitely is deserving of a much wider recognition. I believe this amazing debut album is just the beginning of a great solo career for him.

My favourite songs from the album


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"I will treat you so right"


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"If your dreams ain't scary they ain’t big enough
Can not wait for heaven to deliver us"


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"Discover everything inside of your heart"
Happy Listening!

This article was written by @oelblog for the Tenth Muse Writers Team