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academia, aesthetic, and chair image brown, person, and woman image book, hands, and aesthetic image aesthetic, book, and dark academia image
  • sleep deprived
  • forgetting things at school
  • hardly making it in life
  • no idea where im going most of the time
  • messy notes
  • ripped school uniform
girl, aesthetic, and lgbtq image candle, jesus, and vintage image Image by ˗ˋˏ chloe ˎˊ ben barnes, dorian gray, and oscar wilde image
  • soft poems
  • Sufjan Stevens forever
  • drinking sweet tea
  • giving flowers to anyone
  • holding everyones hand
  • obsessing over a boy
  • clingy friendship
  • day dreaming
Image removed book image aesthetic, film, and italy image cat, animal, and black image
  • consuming myself in learning
  • vintage clothing
  • foggy winter mornings
  • trust issues for days
  • language studies at university
  • borrowing old books in the library

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