Day One

Dear best friend,

I can't hesitate to say who's my best friend, it can only be you Bae. Jade and others are just my friends, you're my best friend, ride or die.

Do you remember how we met? It was a long time ago, in 2012. We were both new in the school and everybody stayed with their old friends, ignoring us. Here we are, after 8 years of friendship.

Next school year will be different as we won't be in the same school anymore. I won't forget you. We were in the same elementary school and then the same middle school but not the same high school. We've been in the same class for 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th grade, it was great. I will always remember in 7th grade when the teacher choosed where we had to sit and I had to sit next to you. We were doing shit but it was so funny.

When I look at our school pictures and now, I see how we had a big glow up as we were little girls and now we're teenagers. I still have the picture Maddie took in England of us looking at the Seven Sisters. I hope you still have yours.

We already planned our lives. Sounds funny, we have a dream. We want to go and visit USA. At the end of our trip, we will get at matching tattoo at Jonboy Tattoo in NY. We must have a lot of money to do this.

You're the one that makes me feel good and happy everyday. I don't know how I could live without you.

Love, Noémie

Inspired by @bex_st
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