While I love the We Heart It platform as a whole, there are still features/improvements that I wish the WHI Team would add or consider to better improve the website. Just like anything, no matter how good something may seem there are always ways to improve it, just like I am going to recommend ideas in this article.

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#1 Comments On An Article
Being able to comment on other creators' articles would be an amazing feature that I, and probably many others, would love to see. While we currently can react to an article or like an article, it is not the same. If we were able to comment on article we could communicate with other creators' easier and will be able to start new discussion on articles. This could also allow creators to create more of a one on one relationship with followers, because as of right now it feels as though posting is like giving a photo to a blank screen with no interpersonal reactions.

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#2 Adding a "My Articles" Section
This is a pretty minor feature that I would like to see added, when you're on WHI's web version you can hover over your profile picture and it gives you a few options like 'My Posts,' 'My Canvas,' and 'My Collections.' These sections to choose from are super helpful as is and with the addition of 'My Articles' would make it even easier to see your latest work, otherwise you will have to scroll through your canvas to find your past article. When writing this article I wanted to check my last article to see how I formatted it, however I was unable to find it on the web version. The app version of WHI, on the other hand, already has this feature and it just makes me wonder when will this be added to the web version as well?

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#3 Descriptions to Not Be a Background Thought
When posting a photo, the photo really stands out, I think that is how it should be however when you write something in your description it is basically an afterthought. All descriptions are faded out into a small font with gray coloring, this could be changed to have an option when posting of saying 'Important?' with an on/off button to change whether the description is bigger or smaller. Having a bigger description can allow the photographer to explain their photos better and have their thoughts actually matter where as now, it can easily be overlooked.

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#4 Being Able to Add Channels
Right now there are plenty of channels however I feel as though it seems crowded and can be thinned out and in return add more. Instead of having 15 channels for different celebs they could all be added into one channel of 'Celebrities,' I also believe that channels like Demi Lovato and 21 Pilots could be added into the 'Music' channel. When making new channels I think it could be nice for creators to have a say in new categories to be added, this could be added to introduce new aesthetics/ideas/thoughts that could be contributed to this website. I understand that if anyone can just create a channel it could get out of hand quickly, so I believe there should be a "Channel Suggestions" button to suggest new channels. For example, many of my collections do not fit directly into any channel so it would be nice to have more options.

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#5 Download Photos on the Web Version of WHI
When I want to download a photo off of WHI on my computer I couldn't do it without taking a screenshot of it. Unless I am just that much not computer smart, but I can't figure out how to download a photo off the internet onto my computer. Having the same download button as the app version of WHI would allow people to download images on any version of WHI, I use WHI images for many reasons like wallpapers. The 10 (or however many) limit can also be implemented allowing a greater reason for people to go to WHI Premium, so the watermark doesn't appear on their computer downloads as well.

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If any WHI team member reads this I hope you can take these recommendations as I am most likely not alone in wanting these features. Again, I am not hating on WHI at all, instead I am trying to give ideas to improve the website as a whole, some ideas like stories are very outlandish and will probably never happen but hey, it is always fun to dream.

Thank you to anyone who has spent their time reading this article and don't forget to like it, react to it (so I can get the 5 reactions trophy lol), and please follow me. :-)

eli :)
eli :)