Luigi has appeared in numerous Mario games, but sadly he didn't get the attention he deserves! There are even characters who look down on him like Starlow. This is extremely unfair as Luigi did plenty of significant things in his life--some even Mario himself couldn't do. So without further ado, I will be explaining how Luigi is a better character than Mario.

1. He's Selfless

There are many examples that could prove this, like in the game Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, where he cheers up Toadette when all of the papercrafts she made get destroyed by Bowser. He is also very nice to an enemy in Mario and Luigi: Dream Team named Sorrow Fist, a character who is severely depressed. Mario isn't like this towards his enemies, however. An example of this is proven in the game Donkey Kong Jr., where he kidnaps Donkey Kong for revenge for abducting his girlfriend, Pauline and making Donkey Kong's son rescue him. Furthermore, in the old TV show Super Mario World, in the episode "Mama Luigi", where it is shown he was taking care of Yoshi. This alone proves that he's better than Mario as he normally abuses Yoshi by dropping him in a pit when he messes up. As added evidence that proves Luigi is more selfless than Mario is the Mario Party series and the Mario Kart series. In these games, Mario invites his friends over for parties and go-karting. However, these events are extremely dangerous, as Mario and his friends battle for their life to win. Many minigames in the Mario Party series involve players dodging obstacles such as Skewers and whatnot to proceed in board games. In the Mario Kart series, players go-kart in the most dangerous places, like Bowser's Castle for example, which has numerous hazards in them, such as Thwomps, Lava Bubbles, or lava pits, etc. These reasons prove that Luigi is the better person because he never encourages his friends to participate in dangerous activities/events.

2. He's Smarter Than Mario!

In the SNES game Mario Is Missing!, Luigi attempts to rescue his brother, Mario, and while doing so, he answers a lot of difficult questions such as how long is the Great Wall of China and how many people helped build it. In the PC version, he warns Mario not to accept candy from strangers, but Mario, who doesn't take his younger brother's advice, eats some candy offered to him by Bowser (disguised as a butler) and is then scooped up in a net. This alone proves that Luigi has more common sense than Mario.

3. He's More Skilled Than Mario!

I know this is hard to believe but here me out in this. In New Super Luigi U, he faces harder obstacles than in the original game, New Super Mario Bros. U, and has to complete levels in a shorter time as well. Also, in the Luigi's Mansion series, he saves Mario from King Boo. In order to do so, however, he must defeat stronger enemies than Mario in most of his journeys. For example, in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, one boss Luigi as to defeat is Tough Possessor, and it possesses a gigantic suit of armor that stands in the middle of the arena in the final phase of the fight. This is ten times more challenging than what Mario normally deals with! For additional evidence, he battles very powerful enemies in Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, like the Zeekeeper and even Mount Pajamaja with little to no help from his brother, Mario. Not to mention the fact that he occasionally defeats Bowser. These prove that he equally--if not, more skilled--than Mario because he has defeated many powerful enemies, and has surpassed many challenging obstacles in games like New Super Luigi U.

These are the reasons why I believe Luigi is much better of a character than Mario. Calling him a sidekick in my opinion isn't fully accurate, as he was shown to be capable of doing things even Mario can do. This alone is why I don't agree when people call him the "weaker" of the two brothers, or flat out say that Mario is the best character.