name: Rhella
age: 75 (born 1955)
gender: female
sexuality: bisexual
ethnicity&nationality: american/unkown, raised in italy, half vampire/half human
Amelia Jones
Bridget Stark
Anastasia Luxroff


green, eyes, and eye image piercing, earrings, and hair image Mature image brown eyes, brown hair, and eyes image
green eyes, long dark brown hair, tan skin, 5'5, curvy, thick thighs, lacking muscle, multiple ear piercings, fangs (retractable)


quotes and good image death image act, fun, and mischievous image art, beautiful, and black image
chaotic neutral

positive traits

  • kind
  • compassionate
  • loyal
  • adaptive
  • passionate

neutral traits

  • stubborn
  • ambitious
  • cunning
  • adventurous
  • bold

negative traits

  • bitter
  • vengeful
  • prideful
  • short tempered
  • cruel


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A one nightstand between a women (vampire) and Howard Stark results in Rhella's birth. Her mother told no one of her pregnancy until she gave birth alone. The women left the child deeming it unworthy because she was born with a twisted spin.
Hecate found the child and took her in, healing her spine and teaching her all she knew. Hecate was always honest with Rhella about her parents but Rhella continued to see her as her mother as Hecate was the one her cared for her.
After hearing the news of Howards Stark death she went to America to find her brother. Before she left Hecate gifted Rhella three familiars who she gave the ability shapeshift to protect her.

car, house, and mansion image architecture and light image plants, home, and house image Image by YasminAwan Image by july italy image
childhood home -mansion in northern italy

She introduced herself to Tony and at first he doubted her but upon DNA tests he discovered he did in-fact have a sister. The two spent time getting to know eachother and Rhella told him the truth of who raised her.

anime, art, and landscape image cat image black, husky, and siberian husky image fantasy, gif, and dragón image
gift from her mother- three familiars, astra, beatrix and diana
home, aesthetic, and decor image home, interior, and room image aesthetic, bedroom, and plants image books, cozy, and interior image apartment, decor, and lights image apartment, Brooklyn, and new york city image
current home - apartment in new york


outfit, street fashion, and street style image black, body, and girl image dress, fashion, and style image Image removed
business - wears suits for meetings and business stuff
Image by Private User Image by K Y L I E Image by Private User dress, fashion, and blue image
grunge, rose, and aesthetic image fashion and black image fashion, black, and outfit image clothes, outfits, and vintage fashion image
makeup, glitter, and gold image art, basic, and eyes image Image by Ɗaωƞ ℱཞoՏt ️ Image by Ɗaωƞ ℱཞoՏt ️
future, dress, and fashion image black image Image by Private User aesthetic, black, and hood image
supersuit - a gift from tony



fantasy, magic, and fire image cool, game, and infamous image Image by {V} smoke, witch, and magic image
magic (spell casting, healing, telekinesis, elemental control, necromancy, shadow travel, umbrakinesis)


sword, fantasy, and fur image blood, sword, and dark image sword image arrow, black and white, and aesthetic image
  • expert swords woman
  • skilled with bow and arrow
  • master at fighting with knifes
  • master knife thrower
  • multilingual (speaks english, italian, french, spanish, russian, germany, danish, latin, greek)


dark, Darkness, and fairytale image dark image
mother (adopted) ~ hecate / the greek goddess of magic, witchcraft, ghosts, necromancy and night. hecate always told rhella the truth of her parents but they still had a very loving relationship
captain america, dominic cooper, and genius image Marvel and howard stark image
father ~ howard stark / died before she got the chance to meet him
vampire, blood, and teeth image blood and red image girl and woman image
mother ~ unknown / a vampire, name unknown
animated gif, crowns, and Dolce & Gabbana image moon, stars, and accessories image
grandmother (adopted) ~ ateria / the titan goddess of falling stars and the night. mother/daughter relationship full of love and kindness
Avengers, black widow, and captain america image tony stark and Marvel image
(half) brother ~ tony stark / close sibling relationship
gwyneth paltrow, Marvel, and robert downey jr. image Marvel, pepper potts, and pepperony image
(half) sister in law ~ pepper potts / best friends, skeptical of each-other at first, she was a brides maid at pepper and tony's wedding
iron man, Marvel, and robert downey jr image
niece ~ morgan stark / adore each-other, she always says yes to baby-sitting morgan
black widow, Scarlett Johansson, and natasha romanoff image Avengers, black widow, and Scarlett Johansson image
friend ~ natasha romanoff / best friends
b&w, beautiful, and gif image
love interest ~ bucky barnes / "together", dating but yet to label the relationship

- cannot use a gun
- only wears gold jewellery
- she cried the first time tony introduced her as his sister and not as his half sister
- brilliant musician
- love poker
- doesn't have a drivers license
- autistic
- babysat by other goddess, artemis taught her how to use a bow and arrow, athena taught her how to outwit other, aphrodite taught her to seduce, enyo taught her to fight

magic, witch, and book image book, hair, and witch image
her mother gifted her a book of spells called "book of light and dark" containing all the spells she knows


"i wont hurt you but unfortunately for you my sister has anger issues" - tony stark

"you could ratel the stars, if only you tried, and deep down you know that" -asteria

"fuck you"

"my bloodline is irrelevant to my value"