As you have read from the title.. Yes I am leaving WHI.. and I have my explanation why.

I am just feeling.. really.. I don’t know how to explain but like.. sad?
I am dealing with family problems, and I just feel like I will never be in the mood to upload, update, or heart any other gifs/images again. I really do feel down at it.
But I will still keep my profile on here. I am really sad to be leaving the one thing that kept me happy.. but it was for the better. Past these days were the best but something just gave me the urge to stop doing the thing I love. But the thing is you and I will grow out of things. Or just get burnt out of doing what you love the most. Or if you had just.. played it for awhile. I really hate telling all of my followers that I’m leaving, but one thing for sure that every time I got a notification on my phone that someone was following me, I would be so happy. Thank you all for being apart of my family, it was a great experience to enjoy, and keeping everyone satisfied with what they had. But when I said I’ll try to keep my profile updated, Later on I just couldn’t get the courage to do what I said.

And thank you all for the support along the way, and you will always be my cuties.. I love you all so much.. I hate having to do this.. but one day I would have to, I’m not sure if I’m coming back or not. But more than likely not. And again as I think about it’s like leaving my family.. or falling into a deep hole and it just goes on continuously. Again.. thank you all so so so very much. I love you infinite times.

My cuties.

“It’s sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life, starts with goodbye.” -Carrie Underwood