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Hey everyone! Welcome to today's article, I hope that you all enjoy this tag and maybe even try it out yourselves <3

✰ What three words describe me best?

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Compassionate, opinionated, and shy.

✰ What are the important things in my life?

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My friends and family, of course. Though I also value the little things too like driving in sunsets, old books, listening to music at 3 A.M., and the rain.

✰ What values are important to me?

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Open-mindedness is the biggest thing I value. You can be really funny and other great things, but I still won't appreciate you as much as someone boring and open-minded. I also value empathetic people, wittiness, creativity, and loving people.

✰ What does my ideal life look like?

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Well because I spend most of my time daydreaming and imagining my future, I'll try to give a brief answer. Ideally I'd be living in a cozy apartment in the city and I would be writing all day long then going out with my friends at night. I'd also be a lot more confident instead of shy lol.

✰ What is my biggest regret?

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Not appreciating life before covid as much... I miss it :(

✰ What are my favorite childhood memories?

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Building blanket forts with my friends, playing board games with my siblings, going to the bookstore with my dad, staying up late reading Junie B. Jones books, and writing silly little comics for my brother.

✰ What makes those memories so special?

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They're special to me because they remind me of how innocent and pure love is. You don't need to always fake happiness or exhaust yourself until you feel whole again. All you need are the people you love and the things that make you feel good.

✰ What is holding me back in life right now?

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My shyness. I feel like I use that as an excuse to not be vulnerable with anyone and as a defense against anything which makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm fortunate, however, that I am regaining my confidence during quarantine because I've realized that it's more important to me that I do what I need to rather than just staying quiet.

✰ What is my biggest strength?

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My stubbornness and optimism. I always make sure that I get things done due to my stubborn nature (though people still critique me for this trait) and my optimism leads me to find the best out of a situation I'm in instead of leading me to complain.

✰ What allowed me to reach this far in life?

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Tbh, I have no clue. I kinda just float around life hoping for the best.

✰ What makes my life good?

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Good company.

✰ Am I happy with my life? Explain.

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Yeah, even though I can't really do as much because of the pandemic I still feel like my life is a blessing.

✰ What do I admire about myself?

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My taste in things and style. I don't know why, but I just admire myself for liking certain things (I's kinda weird).

✰ When am I most happy?

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When I'm with my family or friends. I'm also at my happiest when I'm listening to music and when I'm watching good TV shows * cough * Euphoria * cough *

✰ Do I like the person I am today?

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Yep : )

That's all! Thank you for reading!!


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