"Only Paolo can take this & this & give you... A PRINCESS."

Remember Princess Mia's iconic glow up? Well although I am not Paolo, I do have a few tips on how to glow up! Both physically & mentally... Let's glow as bright as our highlight & become the best version of ourselves. As always to each their own & hopefully you enjoy!

1. Learn From Your Past

Looking back at everything you've done in the past can be a learning lesson. Write down a few things you learned & how it can help you now. Sometimes we have to take a look back to see what our mistakes were so we can grow from them.

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2. Heal!

Healing has a lot to do with glowing up believe it or not! (I mentioned a lot more about healing in my moving on article... linked below.) It's important to let yourself be vulnerable to your emotions & feel what you need to feel so you can get back up stronger! A lot of people avoid the healing process & end up chasing things that give them temporary happiness. Why chase temporary happiness when you can actually be happy once you gave yourself the opportunity to heal.

3. Good Vibes Only

Stop allowing negative people in your life, get your scissors out & cut ties with these people. When you are around negative people this can affect your mood & stop positive things from coming in your live. Needless to say more, toxic people are a waste of time. (Article below on getting rid of toxic friends.)


Hygiene is IMPORTANT! Obviously doing things like the basics... using deodorant, showering & brushing your teeth is a must. But remember your whole body deserves attention when it comes to hygiene from head to toe! There are plenty of YouTube videos on hygiene tips that can help.

5. Dressing Up

You don't need to be rich to dress nice, in fact some people DIY their clothes & it looks amazing. If you look on YouTube, people like Amber Scholl who make fashion look expensive but on a budget! Dress for yourself & be unique with it nothing is ugly if you have the confidence to rock it!

Hope you all enjoyed!

- Cece