hello dreamers

playlist description: female body & soul energy, sex, spiritual connection, manifestations and self-love playlist

this playlist i listen in all my full moon and new moon rituals, when i wanna feel sensual & feel my feminine power and also when i wanna connect with my higher self, with my body and with my mind.

it's mostly R&B and what i like to call "vibe songs" hahaha

i update this playlist every week, so stay tuned! mwah <3
golden honey tea: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0EoSS2LupxKRfk6KQhoBr1?si=4EOwn3tnTASm5dCGv5KlQA

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let's go!


black girl, black model, and braids image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
  • confidently lost by sabrina claudio
  • take one to the head by sabrina claudio
  • hurt people by sabrina claudio
  • on my shoulders by sabrina claudio
  • me in her by sabrina claudio
  • problem with you by sabrina claudio
  • holding the gun by sabrina claudio
  • i don't know you by the marías
  • only in my dreams by the marías
  • polly pocket by daniela andrade
  • romeo by tash
  • loverboy by tash
  • anna mae by summer walker
  • don't be scared by sophie meiers
  • lavender and velvet by alina baraz
  • losing by h.e.r
  • the one by jorja smith
  • teenage by jorja smith
  • what you did by mahalia
  • orion's belt by sabrina claudio
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  • butterfly by umi
  • remember me by umi
  • tamale by daniela andrade
  • close to me by laica
  • mutual by mila
  • love can kill by lennon stella
  • yah / element by joy crookes
  • no man is big enough for my arms by ibeyi
  • far away by jessie reyes
  • wish you still felt this way by sophie meiers
  • jonny (reprise) by faye webster
  • right side of my neck by faye webster
  • jonny by faye webster
  • love songs by kaash paige
  • inna city by greentea pig
  • downers by greentea pig
  • oblivion by grimes
  • damage one by cehryl
  • love theme by zoe love smith
  • tú by maye
girl, glow, and yara shahidi image Image by PINKC
  • trippin' on feet by i m u r
  • who you lovin' by ida'ye
  • soon enough by thea
  • closer to u by rendezvous at two
  • midnight blues by umi
  • p*$$y fairy by jhéne aiko
  • fancy by pip millet
  • san pellegrino by shane garcia
  • we tried, we tried. by ama lou
  • chlorine by dori valentine
  • ornament by kiah valentine
  • headaches by raveena
  • questioning my mind by ambar lucid
  • transcend by nyota parker
  • angel by kali uchis
  • the vapors by jhéne aiko
  • the worst by jhéne aiko
  • 3:16am by jhéne aiko
  • green tea ice cream by linda diaz
  • broken bottle by umi
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hope you liked it ! this is not the complete playlist, to have the complete playlist just access the link below:

golden honey tea: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0EoSS2LupxKRfk6KQhoBr1?si=4EOwn3tnTASm5dCGv5KlQA
my spotify profile: https://open.spotify.com/user/laurabudin?si=u_WS-WGaQL6EK6nh03t9uw

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see you soon, dreamers! xX

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