basic information

group name Paris
company Cube Entertainment
debut date 14/04/2018 , April 14 2018
number of members five members
fandom name gold
official colors golden or golden-pink
concept their concept always change a little bit in their comebacks but they usually go for some girl power theme, like No - CLC or Gashina - Sunmi
official accounts
instagram: cube_paris_official
twitter: parisofficial_cube
vlive: PARIS
youtube: Feels like Paris
they debut with their single: “ Lights in Paris “
( “ the lights never go down, like the stars in the blue sky, we love how it feels, running through the night in Paris “ )
they have 2 mini-albums and 1 full album “ Feels like Paris
most listened girl-group on Spotify in 2018 with 3 singles on the lead
their most listened songs of all the time were: Only you, Rendezvous, Pearl
their last comeback: Pearl
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Paris aesthetic


1.º member ( role: leader, main producer, lead rapper and lead dancer )
ulzzang image
birth name Oh Hana
english name Oh Hannah
stage name Hana
birthday october 23, 2000
age 20
birth place Minnesota, USA
nationality american-korean
training period 4 years and one month
representative color pink
nickname Nana, Ana
height: 165 cm
weighy: 56kg
Hana's literally the sweetest girl ever. She is very innocent, calm, comprehensive and shy. In any type of situation where the group has a problem she's the first to solve it. She is very determined and has a protective instinct.
According to the members she has two types of personality, she can be really calm but she can be really energetic and at those moments no one can stop her. Because of the fact that she is super innocent she gets hurt pretty easily and hurts people in the same way, Hana's can be too sensitive and vengeful.
fun facts
- she’s fluent in english, spanish, portuguese and recently in korean
- she learned korean when she was 15 only by herself, she quoted: “ When I have a goal in my head, I keep going until I achieved it, so it was more a challenge for me than something I really wanted to do.
- even though she knows how to speak various languages, during the interviews she is the quiet one because of her shyness
- she is known because of her lovely appearances
- she hates doing aegyo and avoids every time she is asked to do it
- her members said that she is the most likely to embarrass herself in front of her crush because she is too clumsy, she would probably ending up saying something weird
- her parents had to move to USA because of work so she never knew much about Korea, but she was always used to hear kpop, so when Cube was doing auditions in Los Angeles she risked it all
- she plays piano and guitar, but she wishes she could play more instruments like drums
- even though she is the second youngest, she is the one who babies her older members
stage outfits
pink dress, pink aesthetic, and pink image ariana grande, pink, and ariana image
kfashion, style, and korean fashion image dress, kfashion, and asian image
aesthetic, green, and fashion image aesthetic, korean fashion, and street fashion image
food: lasagna
colors: pastel pink
tv shows: Modern Family and Friends
music: Doja Cat, SHINee and Ariana Grande
role model(s): her maternal grandmother
likes: fashion, watching tv shows and poetry
dislikes: people who pressure her when she is getting ready, chauvinism and loud people
friendships & others
She has a lot of friends on Kpop industry, specially because of the fact that she's been around long enough to get to meet some people. She can be a little bit shy so she doesn't make friends too easily but the closer ones are: Yeeun from CLC, Soojin and Yuqi by (G)I-DLE and Bobby by iKon.
instagram ( OhHana_paris )
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1º pic: pearl mv is out! | 2º Pic: ( no caption ) | 3º Pic: Pearls are the new fashion? | 4º Pic: Miss this nights in Paris, it might seem romantic but my only company was Bomi
2.º member ( role: main rapper, lead vocalist and lead dancer )
girls and make up image
birth name Kim Hyun-Jae
stage name Jae
birthday july 24, 1997
age 23
birth place Incheon, South Korea
nationality korean
training period 1 year and 5 months
representative color dark green
nickname Jaejae, mommy
height: 167 cm
weighy: 56kg
She is really hard working and passionate about everything she puts effort in. She is very mature and wise, that’s why she is considered the mom of the group. Jae has the intimidating look. She has a really sassy and expensive personality, and it’s recognized because of it.
Jae has a difficult personality to deal with, that’s why she doesn’t have many friends because gets tired of people very easily. Although she is really attached to her close friends. Her members admitted that she only gets sensitive if someone yells at her or feels that she disappointed her parents.
fun facts
- she is fluent in korean and english. She learned English with Sunny’s help during their trainee days
- when she was little her parents moved to Hong Kong but only stayed there for 3 months so doesn’t really remember how it was or the language itself
- her looks don’t match her life style, she has this powerful energy when on stage but she lives in the most simple way, appreciates little things like watching the sun rise or feel the sand in her feet
- she loves cats, so she adopted one six months before the group debut and named her cat after the group “ Paris “
- her favorite brand is Chanel, once she said: “ My personality is like a Chanel’s purse, everyone want it but just a few can get it.
- her parents were always a big support, they were the ones who encourage to audition because of her rap skills
- she is the first and only member who has a Solo mini-album, called Polaroid, it was realized August 17 of 2019, “ I wanted to publish my first solo project on my mothers birthday, since she was always my biggest supporter and she was the one who gave me birth.
- once there was a rumor that her and RM from BTS were dating because they were seen together more than once, later she was asked in a interview about her relationship with the Leader of BTS and she answered: " That's crazy, me and Namjoon been friends since I was a trainee, and we are only that. But even if we weren't that's our business, and think everyone should stop caring with who I'm with or not. I'm not RM's possible girlfriend, that's not my name.
- in one of her Vlives she came out as apansexual, which means she doesn’t feel attracted to anyone, “ I just don’t feel attracted to anyone. I grew up without being curious about love or wanting to experience. I always asked myself why my friends always had crushes and I didn’t feel anything romantic towards someone, but when I heard of the term apansexual it just made sense to me. It’s not like I’m denying love, I never closed that door, I’m just not into it like everyone else. "
stage outfits
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aesthetic, fashion, and green image kfashion, korean fashion, and style image
asian fashion, jacket, and kfashion image kfashion, korean fashion, and style image
food: all food
colors: gold
tv shows: gossip girl
music: Beyoncé and Lorde
role model(s): Beyoncé
likes: cats, chanel, riding her bike during the morning and vogue magazines
dislikes: hates giving advices, staying wake until late at night, math and when she forgets to finish her work or something that she was about to say or do
friendships & others
Overall she doesn’t have many friends, but she is really close to RM and Jimin from BTS, Yeeun from CLC and Yeri from Red Velvet.
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1º Pic: Paris has a better life than I do | 2º Pic: Thank U Chanel for the Pearl shoes! | 3º Pic: A little break before the comeback... | 4º Pic: What if I start wearing ponytails more often?
3.º member ( role: main vocalist, sub dancer and visual )
girl, ulzzang, and asian image
birth name Hwang Chin-Sun
stage name Sunny
birthday march 6, 1999
age 21
birth place Genova, Italy
nationality italian-korean
training period 3 years and 2 months
representative color white
nickname Sun
height: 170 cm
weighy: 58 kg
Sunny has a very bubbly personality, she is very extrovert and talk active. She is really strong and says what’s in her mind even if you like it or not, too hones, she is a little bit jealous and ambitious. According to her members Sunny can be really competitive and sensitive over little things.
fun facts
- according to the member Sunny is terrible at keeping secrets and always lets escape a little gossip
- her celebrity crush is Park Jimin, and she admitted in one interview that when she met him she tried to flirt, “ It was a fail… He probably didn’t notice that I was flirting or he tried to avoid it. Any way he is a really nice guy and it made me more interested in him.
- her favorite fruit is cherries, once a fan gave her a box full of it and it took her 4 days to eat them all
- she is the most likely to forget the lyrics and she defended herself with “ It’s not my fault, sometimes I even forget my band mates names.
- Sunny is fluent in italian, english, korean and a can understand japonese but she doesn’t speak
- she was born in Italy but moved to Sidney when she was 5 years old, that’s how she learned italian and english, but korean was always apart of her life
- she knew she wanted to do music after her piano's teacher told her that keeping her talent to herself would be too selfish
- she’s very friendly, according to her members she is the most likely to make friends in a short time
- Sunny has a YouTube channel where she posts covers, the most famous cover is the “ Bubbly by Colbie Caillat “ on the piano
stage outfits
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fashion, kfashion, and korean fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image
fashion, korean fashion, and outfit image asian fashion, moda, and top image
food: she loves every type of Italian food more than Korean’s food because it reminds her of her home
colors: yellow because of her name
tv shows: How I Met Your Mother and Simpsons
music: Taylor Swift, Apink and Bazzi
role model(s): her mom
likes: sleeping, strawberries with chocolate, playing piano and painting even if she is bad at it
dislikes: being quiet for too long, when people walk slow in front of her, waking up with a bad mood, she hates hair in every kind of way
friendships & others
Since she has such an extrovert personality, she has a lot of friends on the Kpop Industry; including: Yeri from Red Velvet, Johnny and Taeyong from NCT, Bambam from GOT 7. Outside the Kpop industry she was seen in one of her events in Los Angeles with David Dobrick, which later she address as: “ For those who are wondering I met David in one of Paris’s events, we agreed to do make a video surprising some fans but I didn’t have time to make it happen because in the next day we were flying back to Seoul.
instagram ( SUNshine_paris )
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1º Pic: It was a long day, hope you all doing alright! Love u always! | 2º Pic: It's been so long since the last time that I played piano, but finally I got myself one. I promise you'll see more covers with my new baby ❤️ | 3º Pic: Hello Yubi | 4º Pic: Miss this tour's nights!!!
4.º member ( role: main dancer, sub rapper and visual )
ulzzang image
birth name Kang Bomi
stage name Mimi
birthday January 16, 2000
age 20
birth place Busan, Korea
nationality Korean
training period 3 years and 9 months
representative color blue
nickname Bobo, Mi
height: 167 cm
weighy: 53kg
Mimi is a very calm and relaxing person. Normally when someone is feeling upset they come to her because her energy makes then calm down and be rational. Overall she is really quiet, sweet and a very smart girl. Sometimes she can be very defensive and picky over things, but tries her best to avoid those situations.
Her members say that she has the best shoulder to cry on, she will sit there and listen to your problems without juding you.
fun facts
- Mimi is fluent in korean, japonese and basic english. She learned japanese because of Day6.
- in her opinion her best feature is her eyes because she got those from her dad.
- most people think that she is cold because of the fact that she is really quiet but she was considered by her members the cutest in the group
- she really enjoys skinship, specially holding hands, because she finds it comforting
- according to the members she and Sunny are the ones who pull pranks on the other members the most, “ They love pranking us, specially waiting for us behind the doors and then scare us. I don’t want to live with them anymore. - Yubi“
- she was almost didn’t debut in this group because of her weight, she forced herself to do diets until she felt good to debut
- if she wasn’t an idol she wanted to a lawyer, that was her dream job and she plans to go to college later in her life
- she loves make up but she isn’t good at it, but she is trying to learn new techniques with their stylish
- Bang Chan from Stray Kids mentioned Mimi in one of the Chan’s Room episodes and said that she bought him a necklace when she went to Sydney in Paris’s world tour, later she said in a Vlive: “ My friend Bang Chan from Stray Kids is from Sydney. He always told me that I would love there and I really did. I bought him a necklace to remind him that Sydney is still his city.
stage outfits
Image by ⠀⠀𝑝𝑎𝑢𝑙𝑎 ෆ 𝑔𝑟𝑒𝑦 fashionista, outfits, and stylish image
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aesthetic, aesthetics, and cute image fashion, outfit, and style image
food: kimchi and all type of seafood
colors: blue and white
tv shows: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and My first first Love
music: Day6, Troye Sivan and IU
role model(s): Taemin
likes: she really likes to dance, she enjoys being alone, quiet spaces, horror movies and birthday cakes
dislikes: feeling nervous, coffee or anything that has a strong taste, spending time far away from home because she easily feels homesick
friendships & others
Mimi is really close with Han and Bang Chan from Stray Kids, Lisa from Blackpink and Soojin from (G)I-DLE. She doesn’t have many friends because she is more introverted but every time she has the chance to meet somebody new she’s very nice.
Overall she keeps her childhood friends closer.
She is dating Han from Stray Kids with the permission of both companies, but they didn't come public yet. They been dating for 5 months now and they been really careful to not get exposed by Dispatch on the New Years.
couple, ulzzang, and asian image couple, love, and hands image
They met through Bang Chan in
instagram ( Bommi_paris )
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1º Pic: I promise you that I cut my hair. Pearl mv is out, go check out! | 2º Pic: strong minds | 3º Pic: I miss spending time with you guys... I spend the day watching our tour vlogs. | 4º Pic: Jae is probably going to kill me if she sees what I did to Paris... 😬
5.º member ( role: lead vocalist, lead dancer, producer and Maknae )
aesthetic, girl, and red image
birth name Chong Yubi
stage name Yubi
birthday November 13, 2001
age 19
birth place Macau
nationality chinese
training period 2 and a half years
representative color black
nickname Bibi
height: 163 cm
weighy: 53kg
Yubi is such an energetic girl, she never stops moving and like Sunny she is very talk active. She is the youngest in the group but she is very mature comparing to her members. She is known because of her dad jokes and her happy personality. People normally judge her because of her looks but in reality she is an happy girl, an hopeless romantic and very dramatic. But she can be very possessive over her things and normally when she is mad she wants to stay away from people, because she wants to be alone.
fun facts
- members said that initially they were really worried about Yubi because she went missing during the night time, which she addresses as: “ When I can’t finish the song I like to go for a walk in the middle of the night. Now they are used to me doing this, because I like to take some time away from my reality and go look for inspiration.
- in one interview Mimi said that her and Yubi fight the most in the group: “ We fight almost every week, but nothing serious. We are like sisters, that’s why we fight over little things.
- she is the Maknae in the group and she loves it, she said that her biggest fear is to grow old
- she often writes lines for Mimi parts, more than for her parts
- she has a tomboy style but her tastes are really girly
- her ideal type is someone like Sehun from EXO, “ He seems someone who would attracted me, I like man who have that mysterious and quiet side because behind that there is a big personality that no one really knows. I also like someone who smells really well and Sehun looks like he has that manly smell.
- her parents didn’t support her when she wanted to be an idol, that gave her a lot of auto esteem issues
- according to the members she is the best at keeping secrets and the best at lying, “ Sunny: She is really good at lying, you believe everything she says. She is really believable. Interviewer: Why don’t you try acting? Sunny: She would be an amazing actress!
stage outfits
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beanie, fashion, and girl image asian, fashion, and fit image
food: every kind of spicy food
colors: dark red and blue
tv shows: The 100 and The Vampire Diaries
music: EXO, Dean and Ateez
role model(s): Rihanna
likes: she likes to stay up late, playing music really loud, walking during the night time, watching romantic movies
dislikes: waking up early, having a bad hair day, people who try to control her life and the smell of wine
friendships & others
Yubi has a few close friends in the Kpop Industry, most of them are from WayV because the majority of them are chinese and she relates a lot to them, specially Hendery, both are from Macau. Once there was a rumor that Yubi and Hendery were dating because of some photos that Ten from WayV posted on his instagram stories, where both of them were sitting by each other’s side laughing at something that he said. Later both Cube and SM denied it.
She is also pretty close to Itzy’s members, and Shuhua from (G)I-DLE.
instagram ( _yubibi_paris )
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1º pic: guess who dyed her hair red again? | 2º pic: ( no caption ) | 3º pic: I drew on my socks | 4º hot outfit