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1. favorite soloists

artist, beautiful, and celebrity image Image removed boy, handsome, and korean image hoody, pretty, and singer image
taeyeon, chungha, taemin, hoody

2. top four bias groups

got7 image johnny, jungwoo, and p:twitter image ateez, yunho, and san image dino, Seventeen, and vernon image
got7, all of nct, ateez, and seventeen

3. do you ship anyone?
no i do not

4. how did you get into kpop?
a friend had introduced me to bts which led me to stanning them and falling them into a deep hole in 2017

bts, jin, and jungkook image bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image
i had stop stanning bts in like 2018 but i am now stanning them again! missed them <3

5. can you speak korean?
no, but i want to learn one day!

6. have you been to a kpop concert?
unfortunately no:( i was supposed to go to a seventeen one but plans fell out and i was broke when others grps came to my city

7.do you watch variety shows?
yes!!! i watch running man, knowing brothers, happy together, weekly idol, cool kiz on the block, return of the superman and other variety shows my faves make! love variety shows sm

8. top three biases


jinyoung, got7, and aesthetic image jinyoung, got7, and jjp image


mj, eunwoo, and rocky image mj, eunwoo, and moonbin image


cix, hyunsuk, and 현석 image cix, hyunsuk, and 현석 image
wow literal babie ok

9. least favorite idol
seungri and jimin from aoa

10. kpop groups you don't like/don't want to give a try
none really! i usually stick to grps i already stan so im kind of slow when stanning new grps!

11. least favorite concept from favorite group

Image removed nct, nct 127, and winwin image

i love love this album and the title track but the concept is just not it! same with fire truck too.

12. favorite cb so far

cix, byounggon, and bx image Image by NTUAM Image removed boys, kpop, and taeyang image

their has been so many but some of mine recently have been: numb by cix, not by the moon by got7, psycho by red velvet, and good guy by sf9

13. do you listen to grps or soloists more

14. first kpop song you liked right away
gangnam style by psy?

15. first ever bias

bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image bts, jungkook, and bangtan image

jungkook from bts

16.who would you want as an older brother

Image by dynzva kpop, bambam, and got7 image

johnny and bambam, idk when i thought of this question they just came into mind hehe

17. who would you want as an older sister?

icon, aesthetic, and kpop image girls, tiffany, and tiffany young image

sowon from gfriend and tiffany from snsd! i feel like they would be really caring and always look after me

18. how would you react if your bias kissed you?
A CASE!!! pls no

19.how would you react if your bias asked to marry you?
these questions are so outta pocket LMFAO, but i would say no<3

20. which company is your favorite
literally none of them are good LMFAO but i would say sm bc of their artists and the music! but in general i would say bighit is tolerable

21. in terms of looks which group is the best?

red velvet, joy, and wendy image Image by Any

this was so hard but i would say blackpink and red velvet!

22. in terms of music which group is the best?

kpop, cix, and lq image Seventeen, wallpaper, and lockscreens image

cix and seventeen! cix already has an amazing discography despite being rookies serve, and i literally love all of svt's songs !

23.which group would you wanna be classmates with?

wayv, lucas, and ten image wayv, nct, and wong kunhang image

tbh... all of nct would be great but i think wayv is just a whole diff breed

24. which idol would you wanna be best friends with?

Image by dynzva boy, handsome, and korea image

mark lee and key!

25. idol that embodies your ideal type

kpop, mark, and mark lee image jinyoung, park jinyoung, and got7 image

mark lee is just amazing for everything, i love his personality and how he treats others around him! and for jinyoung, i feel like he may seem cold on the outside but really caring and affectionate on the inside!

26. form your own squad!

bts, kim yugyeom, and 1997 image astro, kpop, and eunwoo image boys, icons, and kpop image bts, jungkook, and got7 image

i think the 97liner squad really just embodies what i want in a squad

27. who would you want to marry

boy, taeil, and nct image boys, details, and eyes image

moon taeil... thats it

28.how many kids would you want to have with them?
uhhh no<3

29. which idol do you think has the best body

joy, red velvet, and kpop image yuri, snsd, and girls generation image

joy from rv and yuri from snsd! you cant see her face but it her LMFAO, yea i think based on my preference these two have the best body

30. which idol do you wish to have a face like?

weki meki and doyeon image kpop, doyeon, and weki meki image doyeon, kimdoyeon, and wekimeki image doyeon, weki meki, and lq image

doyeon from weki meki, no other words needed tbh

31. how long have you been into kpop?
about three years now!

32. top kpop dancers

33. favorite kpop rappers

34. favorite kpop leaders

icon, Seventeen, and kpop image Chen, exo, and kai image kpop, song of the sirens, and sowon image red velvet and irene image

scoups, suho, sowon, and irene

35. favorite vocalists

36. favorite maknaes

37. favorite k-dramas

boyfriend, tv, and kim jin-hyuk image past, quotes, and signal image

encounter and signal

38. do you have any merch?
i have albums from my faves and posters thats about it tho

39. what position would you be if you were an idol

lead vocalist, lead dancer

40. favorite kpop music video

aesthetic, beautiful, and visual image kpop, rose, and blackpink image

any blackpink one! they really go all out for the mvs and the finished product always looks amazing

41. what song do you listen to when you're upset
if it is you by jung seunghwan from the another miss oh ost

42. a song that makes you happy
shake it by sistar

43. a song that reminds you of someone?
do not have one atm

44. ult female bias

Image by Loup Image by Loup

yuri from snsd!

45. did you stan any group before debut?
no sadly, i did get to know of stray kids before debut bc of my friend tho

46.favorite debut

Jonghyun, key, and Onew image brothers, smile, and boys image girls generation, Sunny, and yuri image fashion, girl, and korean image

nothing can beat replay by shinee or into the new world by snsd for both gg and bg

47.exo or bts

48. blackpink or twice
again both!

49. soft or hard stan
for the most part soft

50. music you listen to besides kpop?
mostly khh/krnb or rnb


thank you for reading hope you enjoyed!