nowadays, it's harder to know if the friends in your life are really
a quality best friend
or if they are more so an acquaintance/ a toxic friend

i'll talk about some traits that prove that they are a quality friend to have around

1. they are mature

the first one is actually really important
if your friend is mature, they could still have fun
but when it comes to making decisions or talking openly
they know how to address situations in a mature way

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if they act immature all the time, chances are they'll be even more immature when you really need them to be mature, like in a fight or when you want to ask them something important

2. they are dependable

is your friend always late? always cancelling plans? acting impulsively with all their major life decisions?

these may be signs that they are not a dependable person

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a quality best friend will always take accountability and responsibility for their actions
they are dependable, whether it is talking to them about something important or needing them to arrive at a certain time

3. they are trustworthy?

a good friend always has your back and will never use the things you have said against you or take advantage of your trust

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you feel like you can tell them anything and everything
and you know that they would always keep your trust
because they don't have it in them
to hurt you

4. they don't talk behind others' backs

chances are
if they talk about someone behind their back
they also talk about you behind their back

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so if your friend is always talking about how every single person turned out to be a bad person
it could actually be a reflection of how poorly they maintain friendships and relationships

5. they love seeing you succeed

instead of making you doubt your own worth and making you wonder if you are actually capable of doing something

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a quality friend will always encourage you and
will always have your best interests at heart

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