in the middle of a global pandemic you wanted to hook up.
you wouldn't dare go to a store without a mask.
you made fun of the people who continued going on vacations.
you shook your head at the girls who had sleepovers and posted on instagram together with cringey captions like "quaranteen" or "I promise we stayed six feet apart!"
you preached about the importance of washing your hands and social distancing, condemning those who didn't follow the governor's orders.
but when it came to you, the rules were different. they always were.
you didn't have to be six feet apart from anyone.
in fact, you wanted to be -7 inches apart from me, to be exact.
we didn't need to wear a mask when we were together, because its not like you could do what you wanted with a mask on.
as long as we kept it top secret, as long as we didn't tell a soul, there was no possible way either of us could get sick from being on top of each other, right?
you wanted to hookup during a global pandemic.
we hooked up during a global pandemic.
yet you still are preaching about flattening the curve and criticizing girls for having sleepovers?
funny, isn't it. how everyone always has to follow the rules but you?