| First Option

money, drugs, and weed image coca cola, vintage, and drink image cross image travel, car, and desert image red, flowers, and converse image Image by tenderly

| Second Option

blue, aesthetic, and grunge image quotes, consequences, and Lyrics image quotes image aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image grunge, dark, and blue image alternative, loveless, and Lyrics image

| Third Option

neon, aesthetic, and danger image blood, inspo, and people image red, car, and rain image automobiles, brass, and cars image aesthetic, orange, and hands image lonely, red, and neon image

| Fourth Option

tyler joseph, twenty one pilots, and blurryface image fire, car, and burn image car, fire, and monster image stella hudgens, dark theme, and rp theme image flower, hand, and music video image bonfire, celtic, and dark image
| First Option: Born To Die, Lana del Rey
gif, Lyrics, and burning desire image
genre: alternative pop // baroque pop // indie pop // sadcore // trip hop
| Second Option: Melodrama, Lorde
gif image
genre: pop // electropop
| Third Option: After Hours, The Weeknd
alternative, dance, and heartless image
genre: new wave // r&b // dreampop
| Fourth Option: Trench, Twenty One Pilots
drum, drummer, and gif image
genre: alternative rock // alternative hip hop // electronic rock // pop rock // electropop // rap rock

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