Tired of the game? Stop losing!

Lately, I've noticed a lot of people are getting played by someone who they thought liked them back but ended up playing them instead. Let's stop being played, let's start winning instead. Keep in mind this has nothing to do with payback but simply just avoiding this in the future or right now. As I always say to each their own but hopefully these tips help you all! :)

1. Stop Being So Available

Once someone is too available, he\she will assume you will always be their & will come back to you when it's convenient for them. You are not a pawn so keep living your life & put in as much effort as they put in. Remember they are most likely talking to other people as well so don't drop everything for them.

2. Hot & Cold

A part of he\she's game is luring you in by feeding you little crumbs of attention, & then the next minute completely ghosting you. Mirror them back! You'll notice immediately they will notice & again try to get your attention. If you give in, then you are at the palm of their hand, but if you ignore them, this will let them know your not playing their dumb game & you had enough.

3. Fake It Till You Make It

You may or may not have them on social media, but if you do DON'T post sad quotes! This will let them know you are hurt & just feed their ego. Best thing you can do is act like you are fine & continue on with your life, focus on healing away from social media! (Check out my moving on article for more tips... linked below.)

4. Over complementing

Be careful with anyone who tries to butter you up with compliments. Although a compliment is nice to receive, you never know someones intention. If you see they compliment you way too much, its probably because they are trying to make you feel some type of way for them & eventually move on when they have you. Know that not all compliments are bad but keep an eye out for them because they can easily be a trap for people who are insecure. Most important thing you can do is learn to love yourself & practice self love everyday.

5. "Research"

Definitely take a look at their social media. You can kind of see what type of person they are but just keep an eye out for what they share or post. Sometimes the things they post or share can be a red flag.

These are just a few tips but I hope they helped you all & remember don't fill someone else's cup who doesn't fill yours.

- Cece