hi guys! this article is about my favourite kdramas so far,, i recommend every single one of these. they wont necessarily be in an order, it's just going to be a list of them, hope y'all enjoy :)


haru haru haru haru i love him. pls rowoon was so cute in this drama, i fell for him so bad like um,, i need help? this drama is amazing like wtf? the storyline is so interesting and different.
eun dan oh realizes shes just a character in a webtoon /comic? idk and she doesn't want to follow the authors rule, she wants to be her own person, making her own choices. big big biiiiiiiig recommendation if you haven't watched this yet. i love haru.

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the last gif, my heart


i think this was the first k drama i started watching by myself and i loved all the actors in this. Lee Ahn has this supernatural power where he can read peoples mind if he touches them. i'm really bad at explaining things but i highly recommend watching this!

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the way i didn't know the person who plays lee ahn is from got7


lemme start this off by saying i was procrastinating from watching CLOY because it wasn't the type of k dramas i normally watched so i put it off for so long,,,, but when i started watching it, no words. ITS AMAZING. i regret not watching this sooner. once again, i fell in love with the male lead, but for once i actually was so attached to all the characters,especially ri jung hyuk's friends, they're too cute omg. i cried so much watching this and yk what, best k drama i've watched so far.
the general gist of this kdrama is that yoon seri (who's a very rich business woman) lands in north korea due to a paragliding incident and she lands in the demilitarized zone and meets ri jung hyuk. their first meeting was so cute aaah. ok anyways, he helps to hide her and they fall in love, obviously. oooh another thing is that actor who played kim jung hyun, chef's kisses.

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they're too cute


when i watched the first episode, i didn't like it a lot and for me it was vvv boring so i stopped watching it until last week. i finished watching this a few days ago and wow, i also cried alot during this and i'm glad i decided to go back to it and keep watching. this drama was really good and i really love all the cast. the only thing that i disliked was the huuuuuuge age gap between saeroyi and yiseo but i just ignored that every time i watched but i found it weird and a bit disgusting. nonetheless, this will always be in my list of fave k dramas. something i loved about this is that it was more inclusive than the average kdrama, they had a transgender character and also a black actor, which i think made the show a whole lot better.
oh and once again, i fell in love with the male lead. whats new lmao
park saeroyi has a dream to create his own bar and also get revenge for what happened to his dad. the story line was so frustrating, in a good way. all thru out the eps i just wanted saeroyi to be happy and have a peaceful life.

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i smiled whenever toni came up, he's just so bright and lovable


i watched this a few months ago so i've kinda forgotten what happened but i loveddddd this. season 2 better drop this year or i'm suing idc idc.
if you like someone, there's an app that could show your affection for them. if you were at a close distance to them, the app will ring.
sry for the boring description, i just don't want to spoil anything for ppl reading who haven't watched

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at first i shipped kim jojo and hwang sun oh but now i want kim jojo to be with hye yeong


since this article is already long enough and i wanna get back to binge watching, ill save y'all from reading and i'll just add these ones, W- Two Worlds Apart, Strong Girl Bong-soon, My ID is Gangnam Beauty and lastly Doctor Stranger. the first and last one you should def watch rn. also i love lee jong suk and his energy in doctor stranger is unmatched.
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