Hello Dear Hearters!

It has certainly been a minute that I have written an article but I wanted to do one not only due to the COVID-19 but also due to the fact that lately i have watched several movies, ones which were very inspiring, many based on a true story or infact a re-enactment of a true story. I hope you find this article helpful through this difficult time and many blessings to you all!

-Love, Kennedy-

I am going to start with this film because it was truly inspiring. It is based on a true story about a young girl by the name of Kennedy Hansen, who lived to only the ripe age of 16 years old after she was diagnosed with Juvenile Batten Syndrome which is a debilitating disease that affects the central nervous system that basically makes the body unable to produce healthy cells by and unable to "recycle" the only cells to keep the body better functioning and in good health. It causes many triggers, decreases the ability to grow and age almost as if the body is slowly fast tracked to shutting down. It causes many neurological problems such as seizures, blindness and causes one to become handicap due to the loss of brain function and the motor skills slow down and many are wiped away.

This movie was very inspiring because we live in a world today that focuses nothing but on having brand name designer bags, high end pieces of clothing, and our attention is strictly drawn to celebrities and not to the real picture. Throughout the course of Kennedy's life, the precious 16 years that she was alive, she did not take one minute forgranted. She had 3 things in mind that she wanted to accomplish and they were all very simple things: to drive, to date a boy & to become a cheerleader. In doing so, she went in with a driving force and did not care what anyone had to say. She did it with every ounce she had. She passed away May of 2014 but her legacy lives on to this day.

-Summer Snow-
Summer Snow is a christian film about a young girl by the name of Summer who is trying to channel her way through grief with the loss of her mother and now with her father and older sister as well as brother to help raise her. The dad is a dentist but summer does not care when it comes to titles. She goes to school, meets an immigrant and manages to get ahold of a cell phone that she puts to use after her new friend claims she can't talk due to having a tooth ache. What does summer do? She calls her father's dental office and does what she can to get her new friend into see her dad who as stated before is a dentist. Her father freaks out, comes to her school and only to find that summer takes it rather lightly with the response to her father of "My friend has a toothache." It was that moment that summer realizes that things will be difficult to manuever without her mother around who passed away from cancer but she still finds a way. She eventually meets her neighbor, a retired policeman and establishes a strong bond and prompts the question to the neighbor of "Why are you always so angry?" A light hearted and humorous film but a touching end to the movie.

I hope you enjoyed this article and continue to see more!

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