So 2020 has not been at all what we had expected huh? It feels as if someone actually found the Jumanji game and had the dumbest idea to open it and play. But getting to the point, some of you might be emotionally affected by the quarantine and the changes than others might be. There might even be some countries which have already opened most of their cities while others remain totally closed off to the public... The new normal huh?

In my case, Guatemala is still closed, in quarantine and with a strick curfew from 5am to 6pm (apart from other 'rules'). With this being said, it has been really tough to get used to the new 'protocol' and has surely affected me emotionally.

In the last couple of weeks I've been feeling... well real shitty. Im guessing that after almost 6 months of curfew and quarantine it has finally affected me. I've been avoiding socia media, not communicating with friends, practically shutting myself out. But, apart from all the mixed emotions I've been feeling like anxiety, anger, depression, and all the negative ones; I've been able to explore -lets say- my soul (if that makes any sense). I've been able to discover who I am and who want to be.

I've been enjoying nature a lot more, spending more time with my family and dog, reading more, exercising more, painting, cooking and of course some yoga, meditation and personal care. I've done more of my soul searching bucket list during this quarantine than I've ever did last year.

Since I graduated in 2017 I've always been confused as to what I wanted to do with my life and who I wanted to be but with this forced additional time we've all had in our hands I've been able to discover it. Yes, there are still some things I am pending on discovering but that is normal because I will be discovering them in time...

So long story short and to not make this article long, with all of this being said, what I wanted to express is that from the bad we can get some good -the yin yang effect-. So don't let this new normal affect you so much. I am not saying that you should close the door of your emotions because feeling sad is okay, I mean you do not want to become a time bomb. What I am trying to say is that this quarantine should not affect you negativelly but instead you should turn it into something positive like I did. I think that is the best thing one can do.

Stay safe everyone, we will get through this together...