1. Favourite Movie of All Time

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Titanic // James Cameron

2. Last Movie I Watched

eclipse and twilight image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse // David Slade

3. A Movie I Dislike

luke skywalker, star wars, and mark hamill image starwars the last jedi image
Star Wars: The Last Jedi // Rian Johnson

4. Favourite Guilty Pleasure Movie

1982, annie, and ginger image 1982, annie, and musical image
Annie // John Huston

5. A Movie I Have Seen So Many Times

Image removed love, we bought a zoo, and quotes image
We Bought A Zoo // Cameron Crowe

6. A Movie That Makes Me Cry

Image by Marcela sisters and my sister's keeper image
My Sister's Keeper // Nick Cassavetes

7. My Favourite Movie Soundtrack

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A Star Is Born // Bradley Cooper

8. Favourite Horror Movie

Temporarily removed get out movie image
Get Out // Jordan Peele

9. Favourite Movie Musical

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Enchanted // Kevin Lima

10. Favourite Thriller Movie

room and brie larson image jack image
Room // Lenny Abrahamson

11. Favourite Animated Movie

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Beauty and The Beast // Gary Trousdale & Kirk Wise

12. Favourite Coming of Age Movie

boy, grunge, and train image couple, good will hunting, and matt damon image
Good Will Hunting // Gus Van Sant

13. Favourite Comedy Movie

adam sandler, movie, and drew barrymore image blended, bella thorne, and zak henri image
Blended // Frank Coraci

14. Favourite Classic Movie

forrest gump image forrest gump, movie, and tom hanks image
Forrest Gump // Robert Zemeckis

15. Favourite Crime Movie

baby driver, lily james, and ansel elgort image cinematography, film, and movie image
Baby Driver // Edgar Wright

16. Favourite Mystery Movie

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone // Chris Columbus

17. Favourite Drama Movie

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The Last Song // Julie Anne Robinson

18. Favourite Action Movie

Empire Strikes Back, force, and lightsaber image iconic, luke skywalker, and darth vader image
The Empire Strikes Back // Irvin Kershner

19. Favourite Romance Movie

love, the notebook, and ryan gosling image Image by Adriana Adriana
The Notebook // Nick Cassavetes

20. A Movie Everyone Should Watch

timothee chalamet and beautiful boy image beautiful boy, cinema, and movie image
Beautiful Boy // Felix Van Groeningen