hi guys before i start i wanna to tell you that my english is not that good so excuse me if there's some faults. since this is my first article i think it would be nice to start with the get to know me tag :)

btw this was inspired by :

don't forget to check it out :)

1. What's your eye colour?

Image by K Y L I E Black Eyeliner, brown eye, and brown eyes image
it's black

2. What's your natural hair colour?

asian, black, and edgy image asian, asian girl, and black hair image
also black ( i have strict parents so it seems impossible for me to dye my hair)

3. Do you wear glasses?

makeup, glitter, and eyes image rainbow, eyebrows, and eyes image
no (actually sometimes i think i need to wear glasses but i prefer not to)

4. What's your favorite colour?

Image by lapetitemort asian, colors, and fashion image
black and idk what the other one called but it's something like the picture

5. Zodiac sign?

Image removed black, illustration, and virgo image
virgo here

6. Do you have any siblings?

sisters, sister gifts, and sister best friend image rp, lilia buckingham, and annie leblanc image
yes, one older sister and three younger sisters :)

7. What's your favorite animal?

aesthetic, animals, and pets image cat, animal, and cute image
uhm cat maybe

8. What's your favorite food?

crab, spinach, and 🌶 image bacon, food, and ramen image
fried rice and instant noodles (so yummy ^^)

9. What languages do you speak?

bali and indonesia image quotes, wallpaper, and motivation image
i speak bahasa (indonesian language) and english

10. Where do you want to travel?

new york, nyc, and newyorkcity image girl, paris, and travel image
new york and paris

11. What traits do you look for in a person?

aesthetic, hp, and potterhead image quotes, red, and aesthetic image
kindness, honesty, loyalty

12. Have you ever been in love?

beach, couple, and kiss image couple, ulzzang, and korean image
yes ofc

13. Are you single or in a relationship?

broke, tom & jerry, and sad image Image removed

14. What's your favorite tv show?

netflix and la casa de papel image girls, money heist, and la casa de papel image
money heist ( i love it so bad)

15. Do you have a job?

aesthetic, brown, and cafe image study, college, and school image
nope, i'm a college student

16. What's your favorite season?

autumn, fall, and bike image city and leaves image
idk what autumn feels like but i'm pretty sure it would be great :)

17. What's your favorite holiday?

eid, eid mubarak, and islam image eid mubarak, عيد مبارك, and happy eid image
eid mubarak :)

18. Do you prefer warm or cold weather?

girl, fashion, and glasses image cozy, tea, and autumn image
cold is better

19. What inspires you?

aesthetic, background, and inspiration image pink, music, and aesthetic image
picture i saw on internet and music

20. Do you wear perfume?

dior, joy, and Louis Vuitton image aesthetic, luxe, and parfume image
yess a lot, i feel like i can't live without it

well i guess that's all:)
thank you so much and have a nice day ^^