hey there. so i have been recently obsessed with finding new aesthetics and building new boards on my pinterest (@/yariferrari) so i decided to write an article on my new favorite aesthetic find... even though it is a little behind trend! i hope you guys enjoy it!

yasmin // aka. pretty princess 👑

pretty princess is my favorite bratz doll. her look is more earthy and vintage as well as free spirited. she is the girliest of the girls.

sitemodel, karla j, and girl pretty baddie image pink, fashion, and clothes image Image by Private User pink, aesthetic, and shoes image heels and shoes image lips, makeup, and beauty image 70s, 80s, and 90s image pink, fashion, and skirt image

jade // kool kat 🐱

kool kat's style is more edgy and grungy.

fashion, skirt, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed alternative, barbie, and kawaii image aesthetic, girl, and eyes image aesthetic, black, and shoes image aesthetic, beautiful, and black image accessoires, punk, and sunglasses image

sasha // bunny boo 🐰

bunny boo's style is more old school and hip hop.

Lil Kim, 90s, and green image fashion, thrasher, and outfit image green, louboutin, and orange shoes image sunglasses, pink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, artist, and bandana image aesthetic, fashion, and pink image girl and model image fashion, green, and aesthetic image

cloe // angel 👼🏼

lastly, angel's style is more rocker and sort of athletic

outfit, fashion, and blue image accessories, blue, and pastel image aesthetic, fashion, and outfits image blue image grunge, skirt, and style image 90s, aesthetic, and clothing image jeans, white, and shoes image shoes, fashion, and boots image

okay well that's all i have for you guys today. i really do hope you guys like this article

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