I love podcasts and it's always hard for me to find new good ones that I like. So this is a short list of my favourite podcasts to listen to.

Deeper with the Dolan Twins

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This is obviously Ethan and Grayson Dolan's podcast. Their friend Ryan is also on the podcast. They talk about serious things sometimes but it's usually just stories and updated. It's also really funny.

Teenager Therapy

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This one is a group of 5 teens. They talk about their problems and opinions on teen related topics like school, relationships, mental health and more. They are pretty real about their thoughts.

The Porch

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This is a christian podcast meant for young adults. It's easy to follow along and understand. The pastor also speaks on topics teen topics.

Off Brand

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This is Kai Foster's podcast. She talks about taboo topics so far she has talked about sexual assault, toxic parents and religion.
These are the only podcasts that I actually really like and think are worth a listen so check them out if you want. Thank you for reading, have a great day.
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