After his death he is turned into a Goblin (goblin, Dokkaebi) an immortal being in search of revenge, but he soon realizes that he was punished for spilling a lot of blood during his past life and is condemned to see all his loved ones die while the still alive.
-goblin is one of the best dramas and the one with the best ost

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<3 Who Are You: School 2015
Go Eun Byul and Lee Eun Bi are separated twin orphans at birth. Eun Bi lives in the "House of Love", an orphanage in Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang Province, where the small residents of the orphanage admire her as a mother figure. However, she hides from them that she is being bullied by a group of girls.
-it is a drama worth watching

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<3 save me

Im Sang-mi and her family move from Seoul to Muji-gun, a suburban town, after her father's business fails. There is a religious cult called Goseonwon that has most of the town in its grasp; it has a large number of followers and disguises itself as a peaceful church but dark secrets, torture, violence, and murder lurk underneath.

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<3 Hello, My Twenties!

five university students with very different personalities live in a residence called "Belle Epoque". but they have in common a dark past that haunts them
-this drama touches quite a few themes such as psychological damage that a breakup entails, friendship among other things and has two seasons

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<3 drunk is a good taste -mini drama

Chong Nam enters the University, she loves desserts. In the University he meets Yeon Nam who is his superior in the same career, after meeting they end up in love.

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