So today I'll be listing some writing promts we don't see enough of, but could make a good story.


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The last time I saw a curse was in one of the Percy Jackson books. I just think that a curse might make a good story.
Imagine : A boy, whose father has been killed, cursed by a witch to experience the same faith his father had. Or maybe a cruel King cursed to feel the pain he has put his people through. I don't know, I just really enjoy reading about curses.


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A great concept to add in stories is a manipulative character. By that I mean maybe the bad guy isn't the bad guy at all, it's one of his family members who manipulate him. Some great books with this concept are The Red Queen, Harry Potter and so on.

Soul selling

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A good guy being tempted to sell their soul, or generally a bad guy with no soul would make a better story than a simple bad guy.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed and that maybe I gave you some ideas <3

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