hello lovelies!

I have been seeing quite a few of these 'introducing myself in pics' articles and of course I just had to try writing one as well!

hope you like it, and make sure to check out these lovely ones I was inspired by:


⭐︎ where I'm from
city, building, and aesthetic image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, style, and chic image buildings, city, and travel image
⭐︎ quotes that describe me
Temporarily removed quotes, feelings, and words image quotes, Dream, and words image quotes and motivation image
⭐︎ favourite colour (at the moment)
girl, hijab, and beauty image blue, aesthetic, and Cookies image style, aesthetic, and blue image sky and clouds image
baby/sky blue :)
⭐︎ things I like to do
aesthetic, beige, and soft image Relationship, relationships, and tv show image games and nintendo image ocean, sunset, and beach image
watch dramas, read books, play mario kart & morning walks at the beach
⭐︎ my clothing style
fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, clothes, and outfit image aesthetic image Temporarily removed
oversized t-shirts, blazers, blue jeans, layering & coats coats and more coats!
⭐︎ countries I'd like to visit
aesthetic, ulzzang, and seoul image city, aesthetic, and building image beach, wine, and sunset image aesthetic, beige, and paris image
norway, south korea, sweden, turkey
⭐︎ favourite salty food
food and pasta image food, fries, and delicious image
poutine, spaghetti
⭐︎ favourite sweet food
Image removed ice cream, food, and yummy image food, sweet, and dessert image aesthetic, food, and beige image
cheesecake, cake pops, soft serve vanilla ice cream, cinnamon rolls/buns
⭐︎ favourite drink
coffee image aesthetic, drink, and coffee image cafe, drinks, and food image coffee, drink, and food image
iced coffee, pearl milk tea & passion fruit green tea
⭐︎ last show I watched
aesthetic, captions, and quotes image it's okay to not be okay, aesthetic, and kdrama image
it's okay to not be okay (this is so good pls watch it!!)
⭐︎ last movie I watched
twilight, breaking dawn, and bella image
breaking dawn pt 1 (it's still sooo cringey omg)
⭐︎ favourite fictional characters (from tv shows/books)
The Originals and klaus mikaelson image book, books, and tahereh mafi image adam kent, shatter me, and tahereh mafi image extraordinary you image
klaus & elijah mikealson (tvd/the originals), eun dan oh (extraordinary you), kenji kishimoto (shatter me series),
⭐︎ people who inspire me
allen, barry, and gif image
barry allen (aka the flash, fictional I know) 🤩
⭐︎ if I were an animal I'd be...
cat, animal, and kitten image cat, cute, and aesthetic image animal, cat, and cute image cat, animal, and pet image
definitely a cat haha


that's all for now!

have a good day,
wherever you are ♡