Hey guys~
Today is a very sad day for me I cried a lot but I really hope that some of this horrible situation make you think about mental health and kindness.

Well, today (Yesterday in Japan) an actor died some media believe that was suicid3. This situation is so hard for me because I met him in "Gokusen 3" dorama, I was only 14 and I fell in love with him.

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He was so serius and always take care of his private life but his smile always was kind and genuine. He act in a lot of dramas and movies for many years, these are some of them:

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Miura-kun opened an instagram account in June, as a way to keep in touch with his fans despite the pandemic our world is facing, but unfortunately what you can find on his profile arent only positive comments. Fans tend to believe that an idol, an actor, a singer, belongs to them. They stop thinking of them as people and turn them into merchandise, a toy.

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Is so terrible that you can find fans of other people who comment about his death in a disrespectful way, for example, a girl said that Miura-kun was friends with a Kpop singer (I won't say which one, the guy isnt guilty) that's true, but when she writed "Oh so sad, sorry for him, rest in peace, there are some pics of Miura and "x" my fav idol " she uploaded photos of the singer, not Miura-kun and then she said "Please "x" dont do the same of him". That was so rude.

Yesterday there were also several programs where some of Miura-kun's close friends performed, all of them were sad, one of them cried when singing and some others could not smile and sing happily like ever because they heard about his dead at the time of the program.
But they knew that this wasnt about them, it is about the pain felt by Miura-kun's family, friends and fans, who could not do anything to avoid this situation.
What really impressed me is to think that he had many friends, he had many future projects ... but he decided that it was not enough.

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Mental health has been ignored by many people around the world and some of them think that persons with mental illiness are nuts or to be just dramatic. We never think that words can hurt even more than a weapon.

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Its important to say that even if we wanted to, there are times when we can do nothing more than give support to people who suffer from these invisible but terribly deadly ills.

As a person who suffers anxiety and who has had many crisis through the years, the best advice I can give you is that if you suffer from a psychological illness, you need professional help, try to see that you can lean on those who love you, you are never alone.

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If you know someone with similar problems, please don't try to force them out of them, because you can inadvertently hurt someone. What people with mental illness need is support, love, understanding, not pressure or criticism.

Please, be kind always, think about what you write on social media, because what for you can be a joke or an insult without importance may be one more reason for someone who is suffering to decide to escape from this world.

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Be nice, be careful, we are all fighting our own battles and we need love not hate.

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Rest in peace Miura-kun, this is my last love letter to you.

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